Wedding Bands Singapore: Journey from Traditional to Modern Designs

When we look up the history of wedding bands, we find its roots in ancient Egypt. That was the time when the concept of wearing finger ring or wedding bands emerged as a sign of spouse. There was an extreme logic behind this wedding bands concept. In ancient Egypt, some intellectuals found that the forth finger of left hand has some direct wedding rings connection with the heart by means of veins and even reflexes. On behalf of this wedding bands Singapore concept, they thought that there must be something that could strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and could connect each other’s name with their wedding rings and heart forever. Obviously, nothing could be better than Singapore wedding bands or wedding rings Singapore in this regard. So, the trend of wearing wedding rings in the forth finger of left hand got started since ancient Egyptian civilization.


With passage of time, the trend of wearing Singapore wedding bands became famous in Roman, Asian and European cultures as well. At the same time, the concept of wearing wedding rings at the occasion of marriage became changed as well. In Roman culture, people have firm belief that wearing rings or wedding bands at the time of marriage is a sign of love, commitment, eternity and honor between relationships. The story is not very different in other cultures. Today, in every part of the globe, wearing rings at the event of marriage or singapore wedding has become not only a compulsory tradition, but wedding bands are considered as a sign of immortal love as well. Moreover, in some cultures, the meaning of Singapore wedding ring is much more than only love and commitment. In Roman culture, the meaning of wearing a wedding bands Singapore at the time of marriage is that the man is now the owner of the woman. In modern age, this wedding bands concept is changing rapidly. Moreover, married ancient Romans liked to wear wedding bands manufactured from precious metals engraved with wedding rings gemstones.



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