Useful Tips to Encourage Good Manners


As parents, we only want our kids to be respectful and courteous because it can take them far. With that in mind, we should begin teaching them good manners. Teaching them good manners is a lot of work but it should not be neglected. Good manners is like brushing your teeth every day – you cannot go without it.


It is challenging to inspire polite behaviour to kids but with some practice and etiquette, they will grow to be good-natured people. Remember that any child can master good manners and polite behaviour. We should give it time. Here are some useful tips to encourage good manners:

Enlist the help of others

Alright, you practice good manners but how about the people around you? Kids will also look into that and how will you explain it? It is good to enlist the help of others when you want your kids to practice good manners. In the house, enforce rules to encourage acceptable manners all the time. Kids will also listen to other people beside you. It is good to get some help sometimes. Teaching good manners is quite a handful.

Utilize positive language

Many parents these days threaten kids with manners camp. Manners camp is not that common here in Singapore but in United States, there are really kids being sent there. If you threaten kids to send them to manners camp (which for others are horrible), you are sending an idea that learning good manners is terrible. Your goal here is to let your kids realize that good manners can be a positive and enjoyable experience.

Eat together

If you have no chance to eat together, it is time that you make time for it. After all, eating together can make the family happier and more bonded. Eating together can be the perfect opportunity to teach your kids dining table etiquette. While you are at it, make an effort to strike a conversation.


Role playing

Sometimes kids need to get the whole picture so they will understand what you mean. Role playing can play a significant part in their formation. Demonstrating a manner is more effective than just saying it. For example, pretend that you are meeting someone for the first time. You have to shake hands and properly introduce yourself with the pleasantries. When your kids meet someone for the first time, they will remember your role playing.

Imitate wrong behaviour

Sometimes, kids will realize their mistake if they actually feel it. When you have time, imitate their wrong behaviour and explain why it is not good. After discussing why it is not good, talk about how to correct it.

Good manners should be practiced all the time regardless of the place or the person. Unfortunately, not all kids practice it and parents are just too busy to notice. In this world, we need kindness and good manners more than anything else. If you want to teach your kids, you have to spend time with them and not just rely on their nannies or grandparents. You have to teach them first hand.


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