Unusual Laws in Singapore

Most of time, laws in any countries are made to prevent and protect a specific matter and to regulate the people to stop doing some bad or illegal act. In Singapore, laws are being implemented so that people here will be disciplined properly.


Most people in the country in the past years can do everything that they want to do as long as they are not caught and punished by their deed. On the other hand, when the time came that most people are undisciplined, laws are being implemented with a very big fine.

Unknowingly introducing a criminal: A stranger or perhaps a tourist that you treated as friend is a very good move. You then introduce him to other people like your friends, family and to your neighbors. In return, he also shares about himself. However, if you’ve underestimated this stranger and he is a bad guy, you will also be convicted. It is also the same as introducing a thief and pretending that he is a good person.


Connecting to free network can send you to jail: In Singapore, it is better to spend some penny to go to an internet shop and check emails rather than connecting to an unspecified and a free internet hotspots. If you do this, you will end up holding on bars. If you can afford to pay the fine, you can. But make sure that you will not do the thing anymore because you may be tagged as a hacker.


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