Unexpected Ways you’re Exposing Yourself to Sun Damage

We are all aware that the sun damages our skin and that we need to apply SPF to protect our bodies and faces as we go outdoors at high noon – but what about the extra sun exposure from our daily activities? Regardless of the season, an average woman is exposed to 840 minutes of sun each week. Yes, the sun is sneaky that way. To help you avoid or limit exposure to the sun, we’ve listed five situations where you’re unknowingly exposed to the harmful UV rays.


  1. Driving or Commuting

Think you’re protected from the sun inside your car? Well, think again. Different parts of your car block certain types of UV rays. Your windshield protects you from the UVA and UVB rays, and your glass also blocks UVB rays. But what you don’t know is that your rear and side windows are not doing enough to limit your exposure to UVA rays – and that can cause uneven skin damage later on.

  1. Sitting by a Window at Work

If you’re sitting by a window at work, then you’re exposed to eight hours of radiation each day. Sitting next to a window causes you to receive more damaging rays sans the normal protective benefits of vitamin D production. If transferring to a new spot isn’t an option, consider applying a UV film on the window instead to filter out those harmful rays.

Woman sitting at an office desk

  1. Running Some Errands

A trip to the market, a short walk to the post office, walking in and out of the gym – going on such errands is another way of exposing yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. These moments reinforce why it’s crucial to apply SPF daily, regardless of how much time you’ll be spending outside. Opt for an SPF 30 moisturizer to provide you with UVB and UVA protection, while nourishing your skin with its antiaging properties.

  1. Walking Around on Cloudy Days

If you think that the UV rays will let you pass on overcast days, then you’re dead wrong. A thin layer of clouds may cool down the temperature, but it only lessens the UV radiation by 30 percent. Clouds can provide an ‘okay’ job of blocking the UVB rays, but it won’t block out UVA rays that causes premature aging and lasting damage. So never think about ditching your SPF just because the sun isn’t out.

Protecting yourself against the sun’s harmful UV rays is crucial, and one way of doing it is discovering the times when you unknowingly expose yourself to sun damage. Through this, you get to limit your UV exposure and ultimately prevent serious skin diseases from occurring.


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