Two Types of Leg Wounds and How to Treat Them


A wound is an injury that is typically a puncture or break in the skin or some body tissues. Generally, these types of wounds come from hits, falls, accidents and some same things. Commonly, individuals opt to allow things run its course with regards to taking care and waiting for a wound to recuperate. As they might think it’s only natural to have a wound, it may lead to much worse complications. You may check with a physician to provide a wound care treatment or service to avoid acquiring problems.


On this page, you will learn two of the most common wounds, its origins, and warning signs in order to be mindful and then have the proper wound care treatment to be carried out.

Leg Ulcer

This is a type of open wound which builds up whenever a section of the skin of the leg is broken and the air and bacteria can get in the tissues. Frequently, this happens inside the leg and just above the rear foot. It often gets better in just a couple of weeks but still demands regular leg ulcer treatment to prevent added problems.

There are typically two common reasons for leg ulcers: Venous Disease and Arterial Disease. Venous disease is maybe the most popular among the causes. It is once the valves within the veins are faulty that causes the veins not working properly. The Arterial disease, however, is nearly just like first explained. It’s whenever one of the arteries in the leg contains a blockage and further causes poor flow of blood. Additional reasons includes main problems just like rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.


Some of the most common warning signs of leg ulcer are swollen veins in the leg, inflamed ankles, leg pain because of standing for too long, irritated, red, or flaky skin, as well as hardened skin around the wound part. It’s best to seek the suitable leg ulcer treatment to stop it from getting more severe.

Pressure Sores

Also called bedsores, it’s an injury to the skin and the underlying tissue which is primarily brought on by prolonged tension on the skin. It usually builds up on bony parts like ankles, tailbones, and heels. Lacking the appropriate pressure sores treatment, this will get actually irritating and serious for affected people.

Immobility, poor nutrition, and increased pressure against one more surface could be the most common causes of pressure sores. Most individuals prone to possessing this are the ones who happen to be bedridden and wheelchair-bound. Health problems like Cancer Malignancies, Anemia, and Diabetes Mellitus can also result in bedsores.

As for the indications, there are 4 phases of bedsores. First stage is an uncommon soreness of the skin with the skin still undamaged. The next stage occurs when the soreness forms to a blister, a shallow crater, or maybe abrasion. Another stage happens when the wound penetrates and stretches beneath the skin. And the final level happens when it has damaged the muscles of the bones, muscles, and various supporting structure and also incurs skin loss. As early as the primary two levels, make sure you already look for a pressure sores treatment to avoid it from getting more severe.

Definitely, obtaining a wound care medication is a necessary thing to do primarily when it comes to leg ulcers and pressure sores. Don’t let it develop into something more serious which could perhaps put your life in danger. Don’t forget to consult an experienced doctor or physician to attend to your wound care necessities.


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