Two Bizarre Things that Happens in Singapore

Believe it or not, there are so many things that are considered unusual and are happening all over the country. Most of these things were sometimes helpful and sometimes it is not. However, whether it bring s good or back charm, it is still up to you.


Burning Anything Makes You Lucky: Because Singaporeans are influenced by Chinese culture, there are a lot of practices that Singaporeans follow. One of that is the burning of objects so that you can own it in your next life. Nevertheless, it is not the actual thing that will be charred, only the imitation of the object.

For example, if the thing you want to obtain is your television, you will make a fake object that looks like a television then, you can burn them. It may be anything and everything that you want to get in your next life.


A Weird Offer of Drink: In Singapore, there is this hidden bar that offers you some common drinks like rum, whisky, vodka, gin and anything you like. On the other hand, this bar named Bitters and Love bespoke Cocktail is a very extraordinary drinking place for drinkers who wants to try a new kick.

Here, you can taste their one of a kind menu that is called “surprise me”. It is a drink that consists of some weird stuffs like lemon grass, dragon fruit and rosemary and a Cuban white rum. It may sound a bit yucky but once you tasted it, you will surely love it.

fruity cocktail

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