Tips When Arguing With Your Girlfriend

Relationships can be a rollercoaster ride mainly because men and women do not meet eye to eye all the time. One moment can be a picture of bliss while the next can be a picture of chaos. Men are from Mars while women are from Venus which really only means the difference in gender can spell a whole lot of differences. Men and women are simply wired to think and react differently. Men can be straightforward and simplistic when it comes to their logic while women can be too complicated and difficult to understand. This is why Singaporean men should consider these tips when arguing with their girlfriends:


Do not tell your girlfriend to relax

Women do not want telling their boyfriends everything that they feel and think. This is why they expect their men to readily understand them and read their minds. However, this isn’t usually what happens for men. Men are clueless most of the times. Asking your girlfriend to relax or calm down may be interpreted as treating a serious situation lightly. This is almost like asking your girlfriend if she’s mad and what for. Nothing can irk a woman more.

Do not give hits of lovemaking

Some men try to give hints of lovemaking and try to be extra affectionate the moment that they notice their girlfriends getting mad. But you can expect these lovemaking gestures to be only rejected. Your girlfriend will interpret this as a way to play with her emotions or avoid dealing with the situation.


Do not talk about her past

Bringing up things about her past is a big no-no when arguing with your girlfriend. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re right or you have a point. Mentioning anything about her past at times when you’re arguing will be taken as an insult. You’re better off just shutting up and not speaking at all if you want your fight to end quickly.

Do not keep on saying sorry

Apologize only once and avoid having to say it again and again just to bring your woman to calm down because this trick won’t. Some women would even be fired up knowing that her man has owned up to the mistakes in focus. If you want to calm down your girlfriend, you can just keep mum and just let her vent as much as she wants until she’s had enough.


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