Tips for Sleeping on a Plane  


Travelling from Singapore to Malaysia is easy. We do not need to sleep just to kill time but long flights are kind of boring unless we are contented just by looking into the clouds. We can bring things along with us just to kill time. We can bring magazines or books to read all throughout the flight. We can also bring our laptops with our favorite movies and screen it all throughout. Most of the time, it is just right to fall asleep.


Yes, somehow the best thing to do when we are in long flights is to sleep. However, sleeping on an airplane remains to be a challenge for many. We cannot rest easy knowing that we are thousands of feet from land. If we are the type that struggles to get some sleep, here are some tips that we can consider:

  1. Adjust your expectations. Some people expect that they are going to sleep during their flight but sometimes it is hard to do. The best thing to do is adjust our expectations. Putting pressure to ourselves will not help us doze off. So, before the plane taxis, we should not think of sleeping and just watch movies and surprise ourselves by dozing off.
  1. Request for a window seat. A window seat is conducive for sleeping but not all seats will do. Experts suggest that the best window seat is with an indent in the window. The indentation in the window is the best place for our head to lean into.


  1. Dress for sleep. There are airplanes that provide passengers with pajamas to sleep. We might not know this but pressurization will cause our bodies to swell and it is kind of uncomfortable if we are not used to it. If we want to sleep in the flight, we have to consider loose shirts and comfortable shoes.
  1. Bring the right gears. There is a reason why airports have shops solely dedicated for sleeping gears. Usually, the eye mask, neck pillow and ear plug work.
  1. Eat and drink right. It was mentioned earlier that our body experiences swelling during pressurization. It is best if we avoid salty snacks because it can increase bloating. We have to consider chamomile tea instead.
  1. Wear sunglasses. If we want to be left alone, wear sunglasses. This will shun our chatty seatmates which will hamper our sleeping plans.

We do not need pills just to get some sleep. We have to do our best to sleep or find ways to entertain ourselves.



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