The Future of YouTube  


Many Singaporeans love YouTube as their online video service. Due to increasing demands, YouTube actually thought of something more profitable. YouTube announced recently that they will launch a subscription version. The viewers will pay a monthly fee to remove YouTube’s advertising.


YouTube announced in an email to their channel owners that a monthly fee will be implemented if they want to remove advertising but if they do not sign up, their videos will be set to “private”. If the channel owners set it to “private”, they can still select to keep their videos hosted.

This news followed the launching of YouTube Music Key – a streaming style patterned from Spotify. YouTube Music Key will also sell subscriptions. A children’s application YouTube Kids will be launched as well. YouTube is in fact excited of the new venture and this is a big step. This new offering will surely generate a new source of income  that will complement YouTube’s growing advertising.


There are no reports of the cost of the monthly subscription but there are rumours going around that it will cost about $10 a month. The creators are given a deadline to sign up. The deadline will be on June 15, 2015. According to some reports, YouTube hopes to get 45% of the income for itself and the 55% will be shared between channel owners depending on their share of viewing.

YouTube is the subsidiary of Google. The only question is that will people pay the monthly subscription fee? We will have to wait and see.



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