Strategies for Better and Safer Delivery


You often hear a thing like childbirth is a very excruciating experience and that is not a lie. Imagine someone taken out of you. Sometimes just imaging it will cause pain. However, it is part and eventually the beauty of motherhood. The pain will be nothing compared to the feeling of finally seeing your greatest blessing.


There are many things that you can learn while waiting for the baby. While it is true that there is pain, the good news is that you can manage it with the help of some techniques or classes. Though it cannot completely get rid of the pain, at least it can lessen the discomfort you will feel during labour. There are many childbirth classes that you can join here in Singapore.

Here are some things that you should learn to assist you on your deliver and the future:

Visual Imagery

Visual imagery can greatly help you at the end of the day. It is creating a mental picture that can help you stay calm in between your contractions. Visual imagery can also be used during normal days as it can create a sense of peace especially when you feel stressed-out.

To do this, you have to simply close your eyes and imagine your favourite place in the world or your favourite person. Visualize these things or the person and enjoy its beauty for as long as you like.

Slow Breathing


The most basic thing that you have to learn is the slow-paced breathing. Slow-paced breathing is good as it can help you relax and be at ease. While doing that, you can also focus on your  contractions.

To do this, you have to relax your body first and think of something (this is where visual imagery comes). You can either open your eyes or you can just close it and focus on good things. After relaxing, gulp a big breath and inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Do this slowly. Now you can start with your counting.

Progressive Relaxation

Progressive relaxation can help you calm in between contractions. Actually progressive relaxation has the power to minimize pain especially during your contractions.

This is simple. You just need to get into a comfortable position – either sitting or lying down. It is up to you. Then close your eyes then take gulp of breaths. Be reminded though to Inhale through nose and exhale through mouth. As you breathe, release the major muscles in your body starting from the top. Like for example squeeze the muscles in your face for about 5 seconds and then relax them.


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