Storytelling Lessons from I Theatre

Brian Seward of I Theatre shared how the script for ‘Hey Little Mousedeer’ was put together. The said theatrical production will be playing from 18 July to 6 August at Alliance Française Theatre.


Start with an idea

First, you need to be able to draw inspiration from something. In the case of ‘Hey Little Mousedeer’, Brian found inspiration in Malaysian and Indonesian folktales. Furthermore, it is also important that you try to preserve local heritage rather than always embracing what is very popular in other countries.

Say something new

Brian also shared that your approach to storytelling must be something new and unique. Therefore, you need to share a slightly different insight, especially when telling traditional tales. ‘Hey Little Mousedeer’ does not only focus on the traditional tales of the mousedeer, but also imparts lessons about caring for the environment.

Move ideas forward

In storytelling, you can create a simple summary of the story so as to give direct focus on its most important parts and lessons. Then, you can think more and give further details to a simple summary by adding characters, scene details, and even songs.

Develop a personality

A very effective way of developing the personality of a character is to have well-written script or dialogue. Not only that, since theater is a visual medium, you should also give attention to the physical actions of the characters.

Draw out a response

In any theater production, you also have to consider how the audience will react and interact with the characters. Should they shout out a phrase for a specific action, or should they cheer for a character? In addition, it is very important that you keep the audience involved. For example, you can make them cooperate by helping the protagonist make a decision ‘live’ on stage. This will also make every performance fresh for the actors.


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