Some Facts About Newlyweds  


Marriage is something that should be taken seriously. If the couples are prepared, they have to take the next leap but if they are not, they should begin planning right away. Newlyweds have a lot of adjusting to do but eventually things will be easier as we go along. The first thing that we have to secure is our abode.


Here in Singapore, there is a Sample Household Survey that seeks to find out the status of newlyweds in terms of choosing their homes. According to the study that was conducted in 2013, twenty one percent of newlywed couples (who are below the age of thirty five) preferred to rent homes. The study involved seven thousand eight hundred households.

The research revealed that newly couples consider leasing first because they value privacy. Instead of sharing the house with their friends or relatives, they want privacy so they rent. For couples who are waiting for the completion of their HDB flats, renting seems to be the practical way. In short, the key considerations of newlyweds when renting are security and privacy.

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If we look closely to the study, it also reveals a critical point – rising marriage age here in Singapore. In 2003, the median age of married couples are 30 and 27 but it rose in 2013 to 31 and 29. When we are this hold, it is difficult to live under the same roof with our parents or our partner’s parents so we consider renting.

Although many newlyweds prefer renting, there are still many who consider owning a home especially that HDB flats now are more affordable and accessible with the help of subsidies.



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