Sisterly Bonding

A bond that’s like no other, that is the bond you share with your sister. As kids, you’d spend most of your waking days fighting and bickering over trivial things as silly as who ate the last piece of chocolate in the box or who gets to piggy back on Dad’s back first. But as you grow up and become, fingers crossed, mature adults you share such a strong bond that not even distance nor time can break. That is the beauty of a bond between sisters.

sisters bonding beach

But part of being adults is pursuing each of your dreams and eventually living apart. Unlike when you were kids, you lived under the same roof. But now that you each have your own path to take, time and distance can indeed create that physical separation between you and your sister. As such, you get to see each other not as often as before. That’s why it is important to still find time to create a bond date with your dear sister from time to time.

And to provide you with some inspiring ideas for that next bonding session with your own sister, consider the ones in this list.

Have your nails painted

This is such a nod to the past. Remember the time when you were so excited to paint your own nails as kids? Well, some things just never grow old. Especially as adults, you would definitely prefer to have your nails painted. So why not relieve this bonding activity with your sister at a nail salon that you both like such as The Nail Spa & Wellness at 111 Somerset Road. Spend an hour or so being pampered like royalties and reminisce about the good old days you had when you were still kids.


Go on a food trip

For sure by now you both have expanded your palate and you don’t despise the taste of vegetables anymore. With tons of options to choose from, your bonding moments won’t be limited to a single restaurant only. For next weekend’s get-together you could go on a Korean food trip and for the next you could go Japanese. As you enjoy the meals you are chowing down on, go ahead and do some much needed catching up. Talk about your latest ventures and whatever it is that you want to share with your sister. Just make sure not to talk when your mouth is full, okay?




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