Singapore Travel Guide

The Lion City is known as one of the most travel-friendly countries in whole Asia. Tourists from all parts of the world visit the country to experience its rich culture, tasteful cuisine, and fun shopping.



Singapore has a tropical climate that is hot and humid throughout the year. June until October is typically a rainy season in the country, while March until June is particularly hot. Meanwhile, December until February is slightly cooler than the rest of the year.


Being a well-liked tourist destination in Asia, Singapore offers a wide selection of accommodations to cater to the varying needs of travelers. Hotels here range from luxury to budget types, and there are also decent inns for backpackers. Truly, there is always a cozy space for different types of travelers.


The local currency of Singapore is called Singapore dollar (S$). Foreigners like you need not worry about having a different currency as there is an abundance of foreign currency exchanges throughout the country. Cash is required to make small purchases in markets or streets. Major shopping centers will accept credit cards for payment.


Singapore definitely has a well-planned transportation system, so getting around the country is hassle-free. Taxis, buses, and MRT can take you to anywhere within a short time frame. There are also standard trains running through the city. Changi International Airport is only a few minutes’ drive away from the Central Business District (CBD).

Custom and Etiquette

There are certain laws and local customs that must be observed by every traveler in Singapore. For example, spitting and littering is against the law, and offenders are issued with fines. You should also know that tipping is not mandatory. However, it is commonly accepted by the service industry.

Customer Guide

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