Singapore Epi Lasik Operation Procedure

During the surgery the Epi Lasik patients needs to lie on their back. The Singapore surgeon will give the patient numbing drops in the eyes. There are also cases where in sedative are also given in order for the Singapore Epi Lasik patient to feel more relax on the entire procedure. There is a suction ring employed to let the eye remain open the whole Epi Lasik Singapore procedure. This is also use in order to monitor pressure in the eyes. Then the surgeon will do keratectomy through the use of tool called microkeratome blade or laser light that is computerized in order to cut thin layer of the cornea to make a flap. Once the flap is created, it is lifted then folded back for the cornea to be reshaped by exciemr laser beam that is computer controlled.


Once the cornea is restructured in precise manner, it functions better to concentrate light to the eye and to the retina, having clearer vision compare before. The reshaping is done for about minute only. Once it is folded back to its primary place, it will take only about few minutes for the corneal flap to re-bond. After Epi Lasik Surgery, most of the patient who went through the Epi Lasik surgery feels improvement in just 24 hours after the procedure. Continued changes as well as improvements are observed for the next days, weeks, month until 6 months. During that time, the vision improvement is final. Singapore lasik procedure is identified as safe method, however, it also have danger of after operative infection the same as other kinds of Epi Lasik surgery obtained. In order to identify this, there will be test conducted in order to determine the complications at some stage after the Epi Lasik operation. Singapore patients must be guided as well there are also possible after affects that might be experience. Hence, in order to make sure that the Epi Lasik Singapore surgery is successful, the best LASIK Singapore surgeon should be obtained.


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