Services Offered By Most Locksmith Companies

Whenever we talk about locksmith, the first thing that often comes to our minds is response to emergency lockout situations. While this is true, only a few knows that locksmith Singapore offers extensive works that are related to lock and key combination. In fact, these companies offer a range of locksmithing services. The most common of them are:


1. Residential Purposes

• Emergency Lockout: Keys for residential locks are really small in size, and losing them is not an uncommon issue. According to Singapore locksmiths, everyday someone loses a key, which might lock him out of his own car or house. In this kind of scenario, a locksmith is contacted. He checks the unique code of the lock and tries to forge the key according to that code. It usually takes no more than 20 minutes to be ready with a new key.

• Changing House Locks: Another scenario when a locksmith is needed is for changing house locks. This is a common situation since it’s highly recommended to change locks at certain intervals of time. If in case you forgot to get your keys from someone or for some reason your key design get leaked to somebody, you’re assured that nobody will be able to break into your house.

• Choosing a Security System: Apart from solving lock and key combinations, locksmiths like in Singapore can also serve as your adviser when choosing a security system for your home. He can also teach you some safety techniques that you can perform in case you lose your house keys.

• Handling Gates and Garage Door: Professional locksmiths can handle gates and garage door repairs. They can fix older styles of locks and can also install brand new and more modern kind of lock. The same can be done for gates to ensure they are always secured.

2. Commercial Purposes

• Installation and Maintenance of Locks: Since institutions, such as schools and offices, order locks in bulks, a locksmith play a vital role in keeping keys and locks working at all times. Loss of keys might result for students not being able to attend their classes or an employee not being able to meet deadlines.


• Installation and Emergency Access of E-Locks: Modern technology requires modern locksmiths, too. Biometric systems, electronic locking systems, and other modern locks are much more complex and extremely difficult to bypass in case of loss of access. Locksmiths have the right tools and skills to install and access e-locks.

• Service of Banking Security Equipment: Certified and professional locksmiths are qualified to service security devices in banks, which include vaults, teller equipments, and more.

3. Automobile Industry

• Installation of Security Enabled Starter: Back in the days, there are cars that use simple key-lock combinations that enable the vehicle to start. Even today, this system is still installed by some car owners in their vehicles in case of emergencies. Locksmith companies can also do that for you.

• Access and Repair of Central Locking System: The modern technology of automobile includes the Central Locking System. This locking system works on the concept of sending electrical signals to a sensor installed on a car, which prompts it to lock or unlock car doors, with a press of a button on the car key. When this malfunctions or you just misplace your car keys, unlocking your car can be difficult. Locksmith Singapore can provide solution for that without damaging your car.

4. Emergency Situations

Whether it’s for commercial establishment, residential, or automobile, many Singapore locksmith companies provide emergency assistance 24/7. Since emergencies happen in the most inconvenient time, professional locksmiths are always available at all times to rectify problems right away.

Perhaps, it is now safe to say that a locksmith is important in dealing with our daily lives. We are really in need of a reputable locksmith company for those unexpected times of emergencies. If you want to hire a locksmith or just want to know someone who you can contact immediately in case of emergency, find out about a locksmith’s certification and licensing. This will guarantee you that your home, business, or car’s security is in safe hands. Look for a 24/7 company as these professionals have larger amount of experiences and can assure to correct problems in no time.



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