Top 5 Fillers for a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedure

Straight nose, well-defined nose tip, and perfect nose bridge – this is how we want the features of our nose to look like, whether by undergoing a surgical procedure or by getting injectable fillers. Rhinoplasty surgery is a great option if you’re planning on getting your nose permanently done, but if you’re still in doubt about the idea of surgery, then non-surgical procedures, such as getting nose fillers, is a good alternative. Given the good number of reputable aesthetic clinic in the different areas in Singapore, the only that you should worry about would be the kind of injectable fillers to use. With the good selection of fillers out in the market, here are the five best fillers that you can choose from for your nose job procedure.

1. Juvederm and Hyaluronic Acid-based Fillers

Juvederm is one of the most favored injectable fillers when it comes to performing procedures such as nose jobs or adding volume to your cheeks. What made it even popular is that hyaluronic fillers generally produce results that approximately lasts for 6 to 8 months. These fillers are also believed to be extremely safe, since any significant long term complications from it are totally unheard of. Also, if you’re not happy with the result that it gave you, the effects of Juvederm can be easily dissipated by an injection of an enzyme preparation.

2. Radiesse and Calcium Hydroxypatite-based Fillers

Similar to Juvederm, these fillers don’t provide permanent solutions, but the results of the injection could last up to a year. Also, radiesse and other similar fillers from in Singapore are very safe to use and no long term complications coming from the filler has ever been reported. Aside from that, they are perfectly suitable for everyone but cautious patients who are quite unsatisfied with the result can simply ask their aesthetic clinic or surgeon to dissolve the filler.

3. Artefill

Artefill is currently the only-FDA approved permanent filler out in the marker today. This filler is made up of polymethylmethacrylate microspheres – a material that’s been used in surgical implant procedures for years. The only disadvantage about this filler though is that it is permanent. This is why most surgeons suggest that you try out temporary nose fillers first if you’re considering getting a non-surgical rhinoplasty before entertaining the idea of using permanent fillers like Artefill. This will not just give you a chance to see the possible results of the procedure, but also test the skills and precision of your doctor in the said procedure.

4. Silicone

Due to the past sensationalized news about the silicone breast implant scare, silicone has become not just a misunderstood but a much-maligned word. But before you decide on using silicone for your nose job procedure, know that this filler is not FDA-approved for cosmetic facial injections, and that using liquid silicone in such procedures is actually considered as an off-label use. Despite the scares that silicone can be extremely risky if misused, there are still some doctors in Singapore who believe that the product is relatively safe and even have a distinct advantage when it’s properly used.

5. Saline Injections

If you’re one of those anxious patients who are extremely worried about how your nose would look like after the procedure, or someone who isn’t prepared to commit even to a hyaluronic-based filler then this injection would be your best bet. Trying out saline injections before engaging to fillers will allow you to test-drive your new nose. Ask your doctor to inject the product in the areas that you think needs an increased volume and projection.

Though the saline demo will not guarantee of your final result, it will give you an idea as to what can be accomplished with the procedure and even help you figure out which injections or procedure is right for you. With regards the result of the saline injection, there’s nothing to worry about it as the saline will dissipate and be absorbed by your body after a couple of hours upon injection.

Choosing the right filler to use for your rhinoplasty procedure can be tricky given the drawbacks that each of them have. But with this list of the best fillers to use, you can now confidently choose the filler that could possibly provide your aesthetic needs.

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Easy Ways to Motivate You to Exercises on Your 50s

As a former couch potato, I understand the sentiments of women in their 50s who no longer enjoy exercising or no longer have the time to work out. But I’m no longer a couch potato, and I love nothing more than starting my day either with a walk or a brisk run. Not only do I enjoy exercising, but I’m also starting to get better sleep and lesser night sweats. With that in mind, I listed down some tips that were instrumental in changing my outlook in exercising.

1. Purchase a Good Exercise Attire
Most women often decide to not purchase a comfortable workout attire since they feel that it’ll just be a waste of money. They think that it’s best to first wait and see how successful their new routine will be – but it’s actually counter intuitive. Purchasing a good workout attire early on allows you to make a statement to yourself, and everyone around you that you’re serious about making a change in your life. Owning the correct attire will give you more freedom to just walk in the park, and have lesser chances of falling if the right footwear is worn.

2. Wear the Clothes You Purchased
Now that you’ve bought the right attire, make sure that you wear them. Once you’re dressed for the day, you’ll be less likely to change clothes just to go for a walk. There’s an enormous selection for stylish workout gear. No more lycra tops and baggy tracksuit pants – stylish, simple exercise gear that looks great with your morning coffee meet-up.

3. Always Keep Your Walking Shoes at the Front Door
Don’t keep your walking shoes tucked away in your cupboard. Instead, prepare an area at the front or back of your home to store your new shoes. This way you’ll always see your shoes, and you’ll be reminded of what you need to do.

4. Get a Workout Buddy
Team up with your friends, and schedule a time and date for your walks. Just make sure that you set an activity limit that’s suitable for all and stick with it. Having someone accountable to exercise with can be great help to motivate you and monitor your workout progress.

5. Stay Hydrated
Tiredness is often caused by dehydration, and don’t confuse it as having no energy to exercise. Whenever you feel that you should be going out for a walk but is feeling too tired to do so, go and drink a big glass of water to see if it puts the pep in the step you need.

Whatever workout routine you do, push yourself a bit further to get moving. If you’re just exercising 10 minutes a day, see if you can do another 10 minutes a week. Just work with your body, and your body will certainly work for you.

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Common Hair Conditioner Myths Debunked

It might be a standard part of our haircare routine, but there’s more than one misconception surrounding hair conditioners. So forget everything you know about this shower staple. We consulted several hair experts to get a good lowdown on how conditioners alleviate the stress on your strands and leave you with the most luscious locks there is.

Myth 1: Only apply your conditioner at the tips of your hair.
Your hair is exposed to damage from roots to tip. So you’d definitely want to use conditioner on the whole length of your strands and not just on the ends. Just think of the sun’s heat beating down on your roots, or the ponytail holder that you always twist onto the ends. This is why you need a strengthening conditioner if you want to achieve a fuller hair with less flyaway and breakage.

Myth 2: Using conditioner will only make your hair fall out.
It’s only natural to lose about 100 strands of hair every day – but using a good conditioner will certainly help put a stop to the additional hair loss brought by styling and drying stress. Your conditioner will help in detangling your hair, releasing those already shed strands. Clinical studies also revealed that the conditioning ingredients of the product won’t interfere with your hair growth cycle. It’s just between you and your genes.

Myth 3: Your conditioner will only make your hair greasy.
The natural oils produced by your scalp tend to build up in just a few days, and applying the wrong conditioner on it will definitely make your strands appear instantly greasy. To keep that from happening, opt for a conditioner that suits your hair type – lightweight conditioner for fine or thin hair, and rich conditioners for those with damaged or curly hair. Another secret to oil-free conditioning is how you apply your conditioner. Instead of simply dumping your conditioner on top of your head, apply it on the tips and work your way up to the roots. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful and strong it’ll make your hair.

Myth 4: Using shampoo and conditioner from the same brand doesn’t have any added benefits.
This was news even to us, but it turns out that matching your conditioner and shampoos actually provide better results. Your shampoo isn’t only cleansing your strands, it’s also designed to prepare your hair for the conditioner so it’ll work more effectively. This is also true when you use products that have a specific styling goal in mind, like smoother strands or more volume.

Choosing and using the right conditioner is the key to achieving the luscious locks that you’ve always wanted. Now that we’ve busted some of the myths surrounding your staple shower item, ensure that you’ll get the right conditioner for your haircare needs so you could maximize the benefits that it’s offering for your tresses.

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Conversation Ideas for Your First Date

Impressing someone on your first date can prove to be a difficult task. But if you know just what to talk about on your first date, you’ll see that making a good impression on your love interest can be very easy. With that in mind, we listed down some of the best conversation ideas that you can turn to avoid getting tongue-tied on your first date.

1. Career

Jobs are quite a popular topic on first dates. After all, you spend most of your days at the office, so that just means that what you do for a living has a big role in your life. You’d also want to talk about your job on your first date so you’ll see whether or not the other person supports what you do. It’d also give you a chance to ask the questions about his job. Getting an idea about how he views his career and work ethic will help you decide whether or not this guy is the right one for you.

2. Family

Family is another good topic on first dates, since it’s always a good idea to share your family background with someone you’re interested in. Surely, you’d want this person to know how close you are with your parents and that they support you with your decisions in life. Of course, you’d also love to hear him talk about his own family and if he’s as close to his parents as you are.

3. Friends

Your friends are just as important as your family and career, which is why you should also talk about them on your first date. You’d want to see how your date responds when you tell funny stories about friends or when talk about what you do every time you hang out. It’d also be a good idea to let him talk about his own clique. Do they get drunk every time they hangout? Do they still act like a group of college frat boys? Knowing these things will help you decide if you still want to have go on another date with him.

4. Favourite Things

Your favourite things are definitely worth mentioning on your first date, as this will help you gauge whether or not you’re dating a good guy. If he’s a decent person, then he’ll be supportive of whatever you say your favourite stuff is instead of being a jerk about it. Talking about such things will also allow him to open up and share about the things that he loves – and that’s certainly one of the best ways to get to know him more.

Going on a first date can be a real pain, but knowing what topics to talk will certainly help easing both your and your date’s nerves. So keep these conversation ideas in mind and make the most out of your date.

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Beauty Items You Should Never Share With Your Beau

Wearing your boyfriend’s jeans or shirt may seem like a cool fashion statement, thanks to the booming “borrowed from the boys” trend. Still, there are certain things that you should never share with your significant other. You may have lot in common when it comes to your interests, but when personal needs and preferences are concerned, remember that there’s always a thin line that separates a man’s and a woman’s essentials. For that reason, we listed down some of the things you should never share with your S.O.

1. Towels

You may think it’s a sweet gesture of love, but sharing towels with your beau is actually unhygienic. It could transmit acne-causing bacteria and fungal infections, so you shouldn’t let someone else’s towel touching your skin for sanitary reasons – not even your significant other’s.

2. Perfume

You might like the floral and fruity scents of your perfume, and perhaps your guy also loves that smell on you, but for himself? Well, that’s an entirely different story. Men prefer using bottle of perfumes that depict masculinity – perhaps something citrusy, musky or woody, but certainly nothing like the sweet vanilla scent that you spray on yourself every day. After all, you wouldn’t also want that strong and manly fragrance lingering on your clothes either.

3. Shampoo

Men and women have different needs when it comes to hair and scalp care. A guy’s scalp tends to be oilier, making it more prone to dandruff and hair fall. All the more if he has an active lifestyle, only power-packed strengthening shampoos can provide his hair’s needs best. So instead of sharing one bottle of shampoo, buy him his own bottle to ensure that his scalp and tresses get the nourishment it needs.

4. Razor

Both you and your guy might be using razors, but you’re certainly using it for a completely different purpose and on a different body area as well. After knowing that, are you still willing to use the same razor he used to shave his beard on your legs (and your intimate areas)? If not, then do yourself a favour and purchase your own razor.

While it may seem romantic, sharing personal things with your significant other is actually unhygienic. So regardless of how much you love each other, refrain from sharing any of the aforementioned items, and just stick with sharing desserts instead.

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How to Party-Proof Your Makeup

It’s that time of the year again when your inbox starts blowing up with holiday party invites. Each promising with good food, gift exchanges and hours of sweaty dancing – and as you enjoy all these in every party that you say “yes” to, your makeup be the least of your worries. To help you with that, we listed down some easy tricks on how you can possibly achieve a beauty look that’ll last through the sweat, heat and fun.

1. Prep Your Skin With a Good Primer

This step may seem unnecessary for you, but your 2am face will surely thank you for applying a makeup primer that’ll ensure that your foundation lasts throughout the night of partying. As much as possible, opt for a primer designed for use under heavy studio lights, so you’ll know that your beauty look will look perfect underneath your friend’s makeshift disco ball.

2. Use a Transfer-Resistant, Longwearing Foundation

A longwearing foundation with a matte finish and good coverage is every girl’s part essential. Also, opt for a foundation that won’t transfer on clothes, since you surely wouldn’t want to ruin your or your date’s get-up as you dance and party the night away.

3. Say No to Smoky Eyes

Adding sparkles and blending smoky eyeshadow on your lids may seem like a good idea around 7pm, but that wouldn’t be the case if you’ll be partying ‘til dawn. Instead of wearing dark eye makeup, apply a waterproof and longwearing liquid liner on your eyelids. Use this as an opportunity to show off your perfect cat eye instead of your perfect panda eyes.

4. Stick With Transfer-Proof Lip Products

Reapplying your lipstick can be a huge hassle, especially if you won’t have an access to a mirror and a good lighting. So before leaving your house, ensure that you swipe on a lippie that you trust will stay on your lips through any drink or meal.

5. Never Skip Your Setting Spray

If you’re to follow three tips from this list, ensure that spritzing a setting spray is included. Setting your makeup with a generous spritz of setting spray is the key to achieving a makeup look that won’t budge or appear cakey.

The heat and sweat in a party is often causes your makeup to melt down. So keep that from happening by following the aforementioned tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the night without worrying about how your makeup looks.

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5 Short Family Getaways from Singapore


Planning for a short and easy family getaway? It’s unarguable that everyday can be a holiday here in Singapore, thanks to all-year round sunshine, exquisite F&B scene and kid-friendly destinations.

However, it’s also great to explore the great attractions outside the Little Red Dot. Singapore is surrounded with isles perfect for a weekend family getaway. So, pack your things and prepare the family, and take your pick from this list of short getaways from Singapore.

  1. Bintan (Indonesia)

Other than Sentosa, this is the closest neighbouring island, and it’s a go-to for people who want a quick getaway. Whether you just want to play golf, do water sports, explore the jungle or just spend time with the kids on beautiful, white-sand beaches, an effortless escape to Bintan is something to look forward to.

  1. Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket is comparatively cheap, accessible and diverse, and has quite a lot of lovely beaches, too. Our favourite is the Marriot Mai Khao Resort in the north side of the island when it comes to family getaways. You can take a stroll in the resort’s lush garden or ride in a buggy to the nearby beach to witness the stunning sunset. Also, it is near Bang Pae waterfall, so if you wish to explore more sights outside the resort, it is worth the trip up there.

  1. Maldives

It isn’t the most affordable option, but we heard no one who’s been in the place and regretted going there. If you don’t mind spending a fortune on a holiday getaway, this is a dream vacation and you surely won’t go wrong with any of its luxury resorts. For family holidays, it really matters to choose a resort with kid-friendly amenities and leisurely activities, which the island has a lot of.

  1. Gaya (Malaysia)

This place is just pure magnificence. Gaya is a little island offshore of Kota Kinabalu where you can bask in beauty of Borneo in a place far from anywhere. What’s best in this island, apart from its intimacy and remoteness, is that the people in this island really practice what they preach and believe in terms of ecological sustainability. The PURE programme will immerse you in environmental and cultural heritage with its activities offered.

  1. Rawa (Malaysia)

Nothing can top the sand and water in this island. The wide expanse of gorgeous white sand against the turquoise clear water is straight out of the postcard, and you’ll likely care less about the accommodation since you’d prefer spending most of your time on the sand or in the crystal clear waters. Just make sure to bring your snorkel and goggles and to slather some sunscreen, because you’ll be looking down at the island’s glorious sea life for days.

The Lion City may be teeming with sights to behold, but the islands nearby also have equally compelling destinations to offer. If you’re looking for a breathtaking place for a weekend getaway with the family, look no further than these neighbouring islands of Singapore.

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Why Bookkeeping Your Personal Finances Is a Must


Bookkeeping is often used for handling business finances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for personal purposes. Just like how it helps businesses in Singapore, bookkeeping can provide the same benefits on your personal finances in ways mentioned below.

  1. It helps achieve your goals

If you’re saving up for a house, a car or a dream vacation or are paying debts, it helps to keep track of your finances and budget your income easily. Keeping track of every bit of expense and knowing what’s at stake for every unplanned purchase will keep you focused on why you shouldn’t spend extra on a Starbucks coffee or why there’s no need to buy yourself a new bag when the current one is still fine.

  1. It keeps track of where your every dollar goes

Bookkeeping helps you solve the mystery of how you spend your money on a daily basis. Keeping records of your day-to-day expenses is necessary before you’ll be able to budget your money. A spreadsheet can help track and categorize your expenses; just make sure to list the things you bought at the end of the day. You can collect receipts of purchases or take a photo of them for easier recording later. Do the same for monthly statements and household bills.

  1. It keeps track of your income

After identifying your expenses, do the same on your sources of income. Your income could be from your work, a part-time job or your parents. This will give you a clearer picture of your financial status, and makes you more efficient in managing your finances to ensure you’re living within your means with savings you can turn to in case of emergency.

  1. Determine if your expenses is within or over the budget

Bookkeeping is something you do regularly, so you’re able to determine right away if you’re spending within your means or whether you have extra to treat yourself. If the records say that you’re over the budget, adjust accordingly. Minimize unnecessary expenses and utilize your income wisely until you’re clear of debt.

Controlling and monitoring your personal finances is much easier when using bookkeeping methods. As simple as maintaining a record of your day-to-day expenses, you can keep track of your expenditure and be able to decide what unnecessary purchases to avoid to save more or determine whether you need more sources to help increase income.

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How to Tell if a Diamond is Synthetic or Not


They say that diamonds are girl’s best friend. This is the reason why you want one and there is nothing wrong with that. Here in Singapore, there are many diamond stores and securing one or two is not that difficult. You have to expect that it will cost you – at least for a real diamond. But are you aware that there are synthetic diamonds as well?

You will be amazed to know that there is a technique known for growing diamonds. They are grown in labs and the results are almost matching to their natural counterparts. The synthetic diamonds are thirty to forty percent cheaper than their natural counterparts and it is unrecognizable to the naked eye. Synthetic diamond industry is booming because the natural ones become more expensive by the minute and that the demand outperforms the supply.

If you are a diamond expert, you will know if it is synthetic or not. But what about to the ordinary buyer, how can they tell if diamond is synthetic or not? Well, you need certain tools but in general, look for these markers to know if the diamond is synthetic or grown in the lab:


The new technique of growing diamonds is developed by Ila Technologies here in Singapore. To be sure of the authenticity of the stone, you need to confirm it through a machine. The cheaper machine is called D-Screen that is only $500. If you want to be sure, there is this thing called DiamondView machine that costs $36,000. The latter machine can detect whether it is synthetic or not in just a matter of seconds.

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5 Things You Should Avoid Buying at Thrift Shops


With numerous thrift shops found in Singapore, it can be quite easy to get overwhelmed and purchase every one-of-a-kind item you see in each store you visit. Yet, the thrill of unearthing and buying these new treasures can also be the opposite of fun. If you don’t shop smartly enough, you could end up with a big box of clutter that you won’t ever use. To keep that from happening, we listed down of the things you should start crossing off your thrift shopping list.

  1. A Repairable Furniture Piece

Flea markets are known as one of the best places for finding gems that can be recycled. But if you’re not going to commit to giving these recyclable items the TLC they deserve, then it’d be best to avoid purchasing this type of things – otherwise, they’ll just become part of the clutter in your home.

  1. Books You Won’t Read

You’ll never know what you may dig up amongst the piles of books found at the store – a Jane Eyre First Edition hardcover perhaps? Well, if you can’t wait to find out how this book ends, then straight to the register. If you’re only purchasing it for display purposes, however, then just leave it for someone else to find and buy.

  1. Retro Clothing Pieces

We’re all guilty of having that I’m-going-to-make-it-work mind-set when it comes to purchasing retro clothing pieces. But unless this type of clothes if your everyday aesthetic or you’re attending a costume party, then it’d be a good idea to just leave these items on the store rack.

  1. Used Jewellery

Ensure that you know what you’re looking for with regards this category. If you’re not knowledgeable enough when it comes to recognizing genuine silver and gold, then you could easily get scammed.

  1. Broken Decorative Pieces

Regardless if it has a few cracks on it, it’s quite easy to find a decorative piece that you can’t seem to part with. If you’re sure that its damage is still repairable, then go ahead and purchase it. If not, then it might not be smart purchase to make.

It can be quite easy to purchase unnecessary items when you’re overwhelmed with your thrift shop visit. But knowing what items you should avoid purchasing at these stores will surely help in saving you extra bucks, as well as in cutting the clutter in your space.

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