Not All Strangers Are Bad

When we were young, we were told by our parents to not talk to strangers no matter what happens. They say that you are also talking to a bad person if you talk to them. Speaking to a person you do not know is not a good idea especially if you don’t have any companion.


However, you should know how to determine a good stranger and a bad stranger because sometimes, children will just rely on what is said to them. When you say to your children that they are not allowed to talk to strangers there is a possibility that they will avoid individuals who can help them when they are in need. For instance, they are threatened by someone whom they don’t know. Who will they call for help?


Since you advised them to not talk to strangers, they will really follow that rule which would make things worse. The simple rule: Let your child talk to people whom they don’t know but be sure that they are choose whom to speak with. You can give them give them a list of individuals whom they should be talking. Sometimes, parents make police a way to scare their children.

For instance, your child breaks something. Now, because you are not the type of parent who doesn’t want to get angry, you’ll use another individual to make it. Avoid doing this as this will only scare them and put them in harm. Most of the time, children avoid policemen because they are not introduced well as a good individual.


Parenting, Safety and Security

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