Myths and Facts About Skin Care

With so many choices of skin care products nowadays, it’s easy to get lost in it all. But most people forget that one skin care routine is not guaranteed to work for everyone.

Here are common myths about skin care that you should do away with.

Myth: Very clean skin is healthy

While daily washing is necessary to remove dirt and bacteria on your face, you should be careful not to scrub too much and use strong cosmetics just to make sure your face is squeaky clean. Harsh treatments will only make your skin dry. Moreover, if you have oily skin, the damage to your skin will cause it to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness.

Myth: A clean face and healthy diet prevents acne

Acne is not caused by poor hygiene nor does your choice of food affect oil production. Oily skin is oily regardless of what you eat or how much you wash. Your genes determine if you are going to get acne and oily skin, but improper use of skin care products can aggravate the inflammation and clog your pores.

Myth: Use the same skin products

Your skin care routine in the evening should be different from your routine in the morning. That’s because you have two different goals; in the morning, you need to protect your skin from UV rays, dirt, and harsh chemicals, while at night, you want to focus on removing your makeup and dirt to allow skin to breathe and regenerate. It’s better if you hydrate and protect your skin in the morning, then clean and regenerate at night.

Myth: Natural products are the best for you

Not necessarily true, because the effectivity of the product depends on your skin type. You must pick based on the following categories: normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination types. If you have no idea what your skin type is, try to place a blotting paper on the T-area of your face and observe how much oil is visible. Pick products that have the label for your specific skin type. Besides, some natural or organic products are not properly regulated and more expensive than mainstream brands.

Myth: I have dark skin so I don’t need sunblock

Prolonged exposure to sunlight will cause sunburns, premature aging, and cancer regardless of your skin color. Even prolonged exposure to tanning beds increase the risk of cancer. If you are unsure which type of sunblock to use, look for broad spectrum sunblock that has at least an SPF of 15.

Myth: Antioxidants reverse aging If you already have wrinkles and sun damage, using more products with antioxidants will not make a difference. The best way to avoid obvious signs of aging is to protect it from sunlight, dirt, and harmful chemicals. Stay hydrated and use skin care products wisely.

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