Muslim Prayer App Eases Airborne Issues

Crescentrating, a Singapore-based firm that provides “halal” assessments on hotels and lodges for Muslim travelers, recently released its iPhone application that guides Muslims on their praying hours during travels and flights. Crescent Trips, which will be available in Android Smartphones in a few months, provides its Muslim users the data on what time to pray and where they should face during their flight.


Perfect Time and Location

Crescentrating Chief Executive Fazal Bahardeen further explained the features of the said free application. He said that travelers will just log their flight details in the app, and it will then provide them their praying schedule, as well as the location of Mecca, the Muslim holy city, during their trip.

More Muslim Travelers

Bahardeen added that it also contains audio clips of Muslim prayers, which are required to be prayed five times daily, that users can recite while they travel. Travel companies further stated that more Muslims now tour around the world. Thus, to satisfy their traveling amenities and services, industries are concentrating on providing their needs through applications like Crescent Trips.

Potential of Muslim Fliers

According to the 2010 statistics released by Crescentrating, Muslim travelers consumed about $100 billion of the total global travel expenses, or about 10% of the world’s travel expenditures. Crescentrating Chief Operating Officer Dany Bolduc added that Muslim travelers are the largest unused market in the travel business.

Airline Prospects

Mr. Bolduc forecasts that the above statistics will further boost to 14 to 15 percent increase in the global travelling aspect by 2020. The World Tourism Organization also declared that an estimated two million Arabs will add the travelling population within the next twenty years.

Customer Guide

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