Modern Changes on the Gender Roles in a Family

The gender roles in a Singaporean family structure are what give children the idea of how a man and a woman should be. In the good old days, these gender roles in a family are clearly defined and followed religiously. The father of the house is the dominant figure in the family. He is the income earner and the ultimate decision maker. The mother of the house is the submissive figure. Wives used to be restricted from keeping office jobs and are limited to tending to household chores and child-rearing. Nowadays, gender roles have evolved to become more egalitarian recognizing the equality between sexes.


Husbands are no longer the dominant figures

Nowadays, we no longer expect to see fathers as the dominant figures of the house. We have become too familiar with men who have weaker spirits and dispositions and allow their wives to play the dominant role. They allow their wives to have the final say in most of family decisions and often consult them for their opinion. It no longer depends on the gender but the disposition one is born with.

Wives as equal income-earners for the family

Women have woken up to their potential and are now rubbing shoulders with men in the workforce. Some of these women do exceptionally well at their jobs that they are promoted to top executive positions. It is then only normal in the modern days to see wives earning more than their husbands do. Men have come to accept their reality and don’t take this as an issue. Some men even accept the roles of househusbands especially when they recognize that it is their wives who can earn more for the family.


Equality as the common rule

The best thing about the modern days is that equality is the common rule that is most often observed. Spouses discuss carefully when trying to come up with decisions relevant to the family. Spouses support each other on their careers and personal growth. Most parents nowadays also see to it that they practice wise parenting.

Kids grow up with babysitters

Because both parents can now be wage-earners, they can no longer afford to spend as much time in child-rearing. This is when they recognize the need of hiring babysitters to look after their kid. Some of these babysitters have been with the family for too long that they are already considered as a family member.


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