Mobile Apps That’ll Improve Your Money Management Skills

Without a doubt, conquering money management can sometimes appear like an exhausting task. It can make you feel like you need extra hands and more time just to stay on top of your finances. Take a deep breath though, because you no longer need to feel overwhelmed or stressed out when it comes to managing your money. With today’s technology, you no longer need to rely on the old school methods just to manage your finances. From splitting your expenses to saving more dollars, you can now achieve all that with the help of the following smartphone apps.


  1. Mint. This is arguably the most popular budgeting application – and for a good reason. Mint allows you to look at every aspect of your financial information (from checking your accounts to your loans) in just a single screen. Apart from that, the app also allows its users to create detailed budgets, and track their expenditures by linking the app to their bank accounts and credit cards. However, you’ll want to spend some extra time to set upyour profile since inputting your bank account information in the app can be a bit intimidating.

  1. You Need a Budget. Similar with Mint, You Need a Budget tracks your expenditures across each category, while allowing you to discover where your money really goes. YNAB also takes your financial goals to a higher level through their online classes and intensive nine-day course. However, YNAB’s services costs higher compared with other application – but just remember that in return of purchasing this app, you’ll be able to save more andstick to your budget.


  1. Acorns. If you’ve been thinking of investing your money, then Acorns is the perfect app to use. The app simply invests each spare change you get from the purchases you make into a low cost exchange traded fund. Acorns also provides an easy-to-read chart that explains your ideal portfolio mixes and expected returns, making it everything you need to turn your spare change to a great lesson about investing.


  1. Digit. Struggling with saving money? Then Digit is the app for you. Once you’ve connected your bank account to the app, Digit will start analysing your spending habits and would then aim to transfer the extra cash that you have. You can even use the application to supplement your regular savings plan. Digit can even be used to pay the principle on your mortgage or student loans. You’llsurely be surprised as to how paying your principle every month can make even the heftiest of loans feel more manageable.

Money management takes some serious consideration, attention and hard work. But thanks to today’s technology, you can already take all the financial stress off your plate. So give these mobile apps a try and prepare to have a financial peace of mind.


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