Male Mystery: 5 Biggest Insecurities That Most Men Have


Even the most confident guy that you’ve met can feel insecure sometimes, since they know that there will always be someone who’s taller, richer and better-looking than them. But just because they have such insecurities doesn’t mean that they’re controlled by it. In fact, some of them learned to live with their insecurities and not let it affect them too much. So if you’ve ever wondered what the biggest insecurities of men are, read on to find out.


  1. Height

Not every guy has a problem with height, but a guy doesn’t need to be shorter than 5’9” to feel insecure about his height. Well, what qualities do most women like in men? Tall, dark and handsome. It’s not a secret that most women like tall men. This is the reason why even guys with above average height often feel bested by much taller men.

  1. Fitness and Muscle Mass

Although getting a fit body is something that can be worked on, some guys still feel insecure about their physique – especially that some women find guys with fit bodies more attractive. Some men try hard to put on lean muscle mass, but they still experience a lot of difficulties in doing so. After all, it’s not easy to balance your diet and workout enough to have the built that you’ve always wanted. It takes time and effort, and some men are just naturally built for developing fit bodies.

  1. Looks

Just like women, men are also concerned with their looks. They spend a good amount of their income on grooming themselves. From purchasing stylish clothes to getting the right hairstyle, most men leave no stone unturned to ensure that they look good at all times. Although it’s not an obsession to some, most men tend to get insecure when they don’t look good enough. For an instance, if the girl he likes looks good and he doesn’t, he’ll likely be insecure about it and think that he’s not worthy of her attention.


  1. Financial Standing

Of all men’s insecurities, this one often causes the breakup in a relationship since most men believe that women get easily attracted to wealth, as well as the security it brings. Any guy with this mind-set will either trust his partner to see that he’s worth more than the money other men can offer or let his insecurities and jealousy weigh their relationship down.

  1. Career

You’ve discussed your career prospects with your partner, but he just keeps mute about his own plans. Some guys tend to avoid having any discussions related to their career, especially if the current job that they have isn’t all that great. In fact, some of these men would put on a professional front just so the people around them would think that they’re successful.

All of these insecurities actually point back to who a person really is and where his feelings of self-worth come from. A man who has his stuff together is less likely to experience insecurities and is happy with who he really is.


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