Making Life a Little More Bearable

Life can be stressful. There’s no denying that. We cannot go through life without experiencing moments of hardship or suffering. In fact, even Buddhist monks believe this to be true. Alas, how unfortunate human experience can sometimes be.


But, that’s not a reason for us to simply give up everything and just be defeated. Stress is only a part of life. It doesn’t constitute the whole of it. Before you completely sink into the black hole of negativities and forever wear a frown on your face, check out this list first for some little tips that could make our lives more bearable.

Do as the monks do

As mentioned earlier, Buddhist monks believe that life entails suffering. However, in order to fully accept reality for all that it is and to foster contentment and inner peace, monks practice meditation. The monks have been doing it for ages and studies have shown that meditation can indeed reduce stress. So this is something that we could incorporate in our daily lives as well even just for ten, short minutes. If you want you could meditate for free with a group at Singapore Free Meditation. To know more about them, do visit their website.


Think happy thoughts

It’s so easy to worry and magnify our problems. We can spend hours and hours on it. But does it make any difference? Does it make our troubles go away? The answer is plain and simple. No. It doesn’t. So instead of picking up worrying as your extra hobby, why not shift your outlook and turn to positive thoughts? Thinking happy thoughts is closely similar to meditation since both involve the use of your mind. But thinking happy thoughts is much simpler and you can do it even without your eyes closed. Just focus your mind on positive thoughts, stay away from worrying, and you’re good to go!

Music helps

Another way to instantly perk up your day is by listening to your favourite song or any upbeat song for that matter. As long as it has a positive message, you cannot go wrong with that. Listening to good music is ideal for lightening up our mood and it’s also a delightful way to distract ourselves from our own worries and unfounded fears. As the song of the legendary Bob Marley goes “Don’t worry, be happy.”



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