Job Hunting Tips for Those Who Are Switching Careers

You’ve quit your 7-year job and now you’re planning to enter a different industry. While waiting for your turn to be interviewed at this new career venture, you realize that most of your fellow job seekers are at least five years younger than you. You then think: Do I have a fighting chance to be chosen over them? Well, of course! To help you secure that slot, here are three of the best job hunting tips that you can use to get chosen over the young professionals.


  1. Ensure that your skills are at par with the younger job seekers. In today’s work environment, being able to use a computer, navigate through the Internet and being a tech savvy are no long considered as special skills. Apart from that, the position that you’re applying for may also require you to brush up on some of your technical skills. Luckily, this can now be done easily. Just ask a younger family member to help you learn the basics of the software or program that you might be using in your job. You can also help yourself by searching through some YouTube tutorials.
  1. Dress in a way that’s appropriate for your age. The job interview outfits that you may have worn on your last job interview are most likely outdated by now. So for this job interview, it would be best if you stick with the classic pieces – crisp white polo, black pencil skirt and a pair of suede heels. If you’re daring enough, you can also check on some styling tips online and apply it on your outfit. Just make sure that your outfit still remains professional-looking.


  1. Turn your extensive experience into your edge. While your competitors may be young, there’s one thing that they can’t surely win against you and this is your years of experience on working on the same position. With such background, the company you’re applying for doesn’t have to spend on conducting fresh graduate trainings. In fact, they may even benefit from the knowledge and experience that you’ve gained over years of developing your career.

Although some companies still favour hiring the fresh graduates of well-known universities, it’s still possible for you to snag that position. All you’ve got to do is show them your expertise and experience in that field and you’ll surely ace that job interview and get the job that you’ve always wanted.



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