It’s Okay: 3 Wedding Items You Can Skimp On


When you are nearing 30s and you’ve been to more weddings than you can possibly remember, it is time that you consider your own wedding. Wedding is a start of your life together and it is not that easy to accomplish. Getting married here in Singapore is kind of expensive. For example, if you choose to hold the “traditional” wedding banquet, be prepared to shed ridiculous amount of money to make it happen.


The good news is that there are many things that you can let go that is not worth your money when it comes to the wedding. Remember that you are making your vows not to awe your audience with all the lavishness. Here are some things that you should not spend so much on:

Wedding Souvenirs

Many weddings have this souvenir and other delightful goodie bags. The contents may vary from porcelain cups to candles with the couple’s faces. Sometimes guests tend to just throw it because there is nothing much to do with that utility. You should remember that goodie bags, no matter how delightful or meek, cost money. If you do not want to totally eliminate it, you can at least lower the cost. For example, look for something in bazaars and market since they are cheaper. If you totally eliminate it, that is totally fun and more beneficial. While customizing the gift is a pleasant sight, you do not need it.


Invitation Cards

Have you thought about online invitations? Well, it is not that common yet but you should consider it one of these days. Online invitations are more interactive, creative and cheap. Not to mention you are helping mother earth by not cutting more trees. Do you think that most wedding guests bothered to read the invites? Some do not read it at all and just throw it all away. That is a waste of money and good intention. Online invitation cards are the easiest way to do things and it doesn’t matter if they delete it. If you really want to save money, there is no problem with DIYing it. Just make sure that you have plenty of time. Also, look for a venue that offers free invitation cards – that can help you a lot.


Weddings are not complete without flowers. You cannot completely eliminate it but at least you have to try and cost cut. There are hotels that offer free flower arrangements – that is ideal but if you are left on your own, try DYIng it. It doesn’t have to be that lavish. A simple arrangement will do. Instead of spending so much money on flowers, why not add it on your meals. Flowers will only wither but the memories of the food and the overall success will be remembered.

The wedding can go on without these things but of course, it is always up to you at the end of the day. Instead of spending so much on lavish weddings, it is better to save it for the house, car mortgage or the future of your kids. That is acceptable and reasonable.


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