Is Pilates Worth Trying?

Going around Singapore, you might see more and more Pilates studios popping up. But exactly is it? Though not many people know about Pilates, it’s slowly getting more and more recognition in the industry. Here are some things you should know about Pilates and its benefits!

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system designed for improving posture while also increasing strength and flexibility. Most exercises in the system focus on engaging the core, but there are also some that involve other muscle groups. It’s also generally convenient because it doesn’t involve a lot of equipment.

The focus on posture

The one thing that separates Pilates from most exercise forms is that it includes improving posture as a fundamental aspect. Because you’re strengthening your core, makes you more aware of your posture. Simply because of this, you’re helping the alignment of your spine not only while you’re doing the exercise but outside of it as well. This is also a big reason why many turn to Pilates to alleviate back pain.

Helps develop natural strength

You develop strength through Pilates without actually worrying about being too big. This is because you gain lean muscle instead of more muscle mass. That’s possible as a result of doing body-weight exercises instead of using weights and machines. So with Pilates, you’re building toned muscles instead of bigger ones but you’re still increasing your strength all the same. 

It increases flexibility

Pilates mainly involves a lot of stretching. Pilates can help you improve your ability to stretch your muscles and joints. Using natural movements, you won’t need to worry about pulling a muscle or joint while doing exercises. This, overall, will greatly enhance your range of motion. This can be a good reason to try Pilates if you’re already lifting weights yourself. 

It reduces the risk of injury

Pilates utilizes focused and well-intended movements. This basically means you have to always be aware of how you move your body during the exercises. Along with the use of natural movements, this can help reduce your likelihood of getting injuries from other physical activities. That being said, Pilates can also be used as rehabilitation for already-injured muscles or joints. 

It shares some similarities to yoga

As mentioned earlier, Pilates requires you to be aware of your movements. More than anything, it prompts you to practice your mind-body connection. This makes it seem like Pilates and yoga are connected. In fact, the inventor of the system, Joseph Pilates, did take some fundamentals from yoga asanas!

Anyone can do it

Simply put, Pilates is an exercise for everyone. If you consider the points above, it can help kids and older people with their posture. It can help lower the risk of injuries for athletes or help rehabilitate injuries. It’s also even considered a good exercise for women preparing to give birth.

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