Importance of Going for Lasik Surgery Evaluation

The following are ways a person should prepare for a Lasik surgery in Singapore. It is essential for you to impede wearing contacts for about several weeks prior to taking the tests. The contact lenses could be changed temporarily the shape of your cornea. The doctor then has to get up the right size of the cornea. Thus, the accurate measurement on how much has to be removed for the best possible vision.

Reasons for Undergoing Pre-Lasik Evaluation

Another important reason why you should take up visits or pre-lasik evaluation to your doctor is by assessing your personal history for health. This is to determine if you are a good candidate for lasik Singapore eye surgery. The doctor would be starting out to look for different things like changes in eyewear medicine within the past year, the Glaucoma history, having thin corneas as well as some sort of the preceding eye damages. These are simply the probable issues that would be keeping you from being a candidate for Epi Lasik and Lasik surgery in Singapore.

Right after interviewing possible surgeons, settled with the doctor you feel you are comfortable dealing with, done with all tests you should go through and are deemed to be a good candidate, it is the time for the operation. Whenever you enter the space for the operation in Singapore, you would then be instructed to sit into a chair which is a recliner type. This would then put you up into the right position for the LASIK or Epi LASIK surgery.

The Lasik Surgery Procedure Explained

Moreover, the doctor will be using out some sort of large machine being attached into a microscope, laser and a computer. You would then be given with an eye drop with numbing agent and starts cleaning your eye. Right after cleaning up your eyelid, it will be held open by a speculum that would prevent you from blinking. There will be a kind of ring being placed on the cornea, it would be applied by simply using high force in order to lift up the cornea off your eye, and you may feel some pain. For both Lasik and Epi Lasik surgery, it is now the time for the laser to simply do its job. The appropriate capacity of how needs to be taken out in order to reshape the eye correctly was then programmed into a computer coming from the tests being done into the office.

The computer would then be stopping the laser at the correct time in which the appropriate amount of tissues has been removed and that’s it. LASIK surgery is then completed. After then, the doctor would be putting a patch over your eye in order to protect the cornea all throughout the healing process and for it not to be infected. If you would like to take Epi Lasik or Lasik surgery in Singapore, knowing more about it would be a better start.

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