How to Watch Horror Movies without Being Scared

You will find out that horror movies are not really scary when you follow these simple tips.


Don’t just believe “based on a true story”

Don’t just believe a horror movie right away when it says it is based on a true story. In some cases, the phrase is only meant to scare moviegoers even more.

It’s not real

Sometimes, it is our own minds that scare us. When watching a horror movie, keep in mind that it is not real. What you see in the massive screen in front of you are full of tricks, all invented for the purpose to scare you. Remember that the makers of it invested a lot of money, time and effort to produce a true to life horror movie.

Don’t forget fake things

Everything in a horror movie is just make-believe. A keen observant will not fail to notice obviously fake bloody prosthetics and other props. Keep in mind that directors have to fake it to make it real. After watching the movie, recall all non-scary things you have seen.


Replay scary scenes in your mind and make them funny

Be the director of the horror movie and replay scary scenes again and again in your mind, and as you replay every scene, make it less scary. Perhaps one scary scene in the movie is when the main character saw a bloodcurdling lady through his rear-vision mirror. You can make it funny by imagining it was just his little sister making funny faces.

Watch a light movie before sleeping

If the ghost still continues to haunt you and won’t vanish in the big screen inside your head even when you have reached home, try to watch a comedy film or your favourite TV series. Make sure you don’t sleep as you might have a nightmare. Watching a light movie after you got scared is an effective way to make the horror scenes disappear in your head.

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