How to Use Self-Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Perhaps, you’ve heard about hypnosis as a weight loss method. It works by regulating your psychological state and dealing with the reasons why you’re eating unhealthily. So, in theory, this technique could provide far better results than simply cutting down your calorie intake. But what if you can’t afford to see a professional? Try doing it your way with self-hypnosis. Here’s how:


  1. Pick a Comfortable Place

Start by choosing a comfortable place for your hypnosis session. It needs to be somewhere quiet so you won’t be disturbed. Get a comfortable chair that provide good support to your head and neck, or sit straight so you’re not slouching. You may also lie down if you want.

  1. Play Soothing Music

Music is a great tool to help you relax and focus. Any kind of soothing music will do—preferably something instrumental so you won’t get distracted by the lyrics. It also has to be long enough so you won’t be distracted to play more music. Look for an MP3 that lasts 30 minutes to an hour.

  1. Take Deep, Slow Breaths

The next step is to bring yourself to relaxation by slowing down your breathing. Put your hands on your belly and concentrate on your breathing. Feel your belly expand as you inhale and go in as you exhale. This will help put yourself into calm and relaxed state.


  1. Relax Your Body

Now that you’re breathing the right way, work on relaxing your body. Begin with your face and then work your way down your body. Let go of any tension and become more relaxed. You should then be able to achieve deeper relaxation.

  1. Imagine Your Ideal Weight

In this step, you should be in deeper hypnotic state. Put into mind your ideal weight (this should be a realistic goal—do not aspire to be too thin). Imagine yourself at that weight you want and feel how light and happy you are to have achieved that weight. Feel the positivity and be proud of yourself.

  1. Chant Your Own Mantras

Think of affirmation phrases that will help you feel good about losing weight. Say things like “Eating healthily makes me feel good”, “I no longer need alcohols, take-outs, and chocolates,” or “Living healthily gives me a better life”. This helps uplift your spirit and encourages you to do better.

  1. Come Back to Reality

End the session by slowly coming back to your awareness. Stretch your body and feel the positivity you have inside. Slowly open your eyes to be fully awake and hold on to that positive feeling as you go about your life.

Do this daily if you can. It really helps in a positive way of changing your relationship with food and learning to live a much healthier lifestyle.



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