How to Tell if a Diamond is Synthetic or Not


They say that diamonds are girl’s best friend. This is the reason why you want one and there is nothing wrong with that. Here in Singapore, there are many diamond stores and securing one or two is not that difficult. You have to expect that it will cost you – at least for a real diamond. But are you aware that there are synthetic diamonds as well?

You will be amazed to know that there is a technique known for growing diamonds. They are grown in labs and the results are almost matching to their natural counterparts. The synthetic diamonds are thirty to forty percent cheaper than their natural counterparts and it is unrecognizable to the naked eye. Synthetic diamond industry is booming because the natural ones become more expensive by the minute and that the demand outperforms the supply.

If you are a diamond expert, you will know if it is synthetic or not. But what about to the ordinary buyer, how can they tell if diamond is synthetic or not? Well, you need certain tools but in general, look for these markers to know if the diamond is synthetic or grown in the lab:


The new technique of growing diamonds is developed by Ila Technologies here in Singapore. To be sure of the authenticity of the stone, you need to confirm it through a machine. The cheaper machine is called D-Screen that is only $500. If you want to be sure, there is this thing called DiamondView machine that costs $36,000. The latter machine can detect whether it is synthetic or not in just a matter of seconds.

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