How to Pick a Casual Outfit for Work

Some days, you just want to wear something different from the usual outfit you wear at the office. Dressing up for work, however, can be tricky for some people because there are dress codes in most offices. So how do you compromise between personal style and business function?

Keep it personal but classy.
If your office allows a business casual attire, that does not mean you can just put together different pieces randomly and cover it with your formal blazer. So, how do you put together an outfit? Make sure that you know what type of specific clothing are not allowed, such as sleeveless shirts, midriff shirts, spaghetti straps, slippers, and very short skirts. Don’t cover up some pieces that you don’t want your boss to see.

Pick quality materials.
When choosing clothes for work, pick fabrics that are comfortable and durable. Stock up on quality cotton shirts and blouses, dark-colored or khaki pants and skirts, and plain-colored dresses that can be combined with other pieces of clothing. You can have fun with different colors, but you should always keep neutrals such as white, black, brown, navy blue, and grey.

Buy stylish but quality shoes.
Neutral-colored shoes can be paired with almost any outfit, so you should keep pairs of black and brown shoes. If you like sneakers, there are designs and colors that don’t stand out and can be paired with formal clothing. You can wear statement shoes from time to time, but remember that you’re not on the runway. When choosing your shoes, your priority should be comfort and function, not style.

Avoid standing out.
That doesn’t mean you should look like an old sack, however. There are several things you should avoid when picking clothes for work, such as wild colors and bright patterns, sheer fabrics, loose hems, wrinkled clothes, stained clothes, and open-toed shoes. While they look stylish when you’re strolling at the mall, you don’t want to give your boss an impression that you’re a sloppy person.

Avoid too much shine.
Excessive jewelry can give your co-workers a bad impression, not to mention they can make you feel uncomfortable and heavy. A simple watch, a pair of earrings, and a necklace or a bracelet should be enough to complete your outfit. You don’t want your co-workers to think that you’re showing off.

Pick the right pants or skirt.
Wearing a skirt at the office can be comfortable because you can move your legs more. Just make sure to avoid short skirts, and pick stylish pencil skirts that are knee-length instead. You could also pick a long and flowy skirt for more comfort. For pants, pick something that isn’t tight-fitting because you will be sitting all day at your desk.

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