How to Party-Proof Your Makeup

It’s that time of the year again when your inbox starts blowing up with holiday party invites. Each promising with good food, gift exchanges and hours of sweaty dancing – and as you enjoy all these in every party that you say “yes” to, your makeup be the least of your worries. To help you with that, we listed down some easy tricks on how you can possibly achieve a beauty look that’ll last through the sweat, heat and fun.

1. Prep Your Skin With a Good Primer

This step may seem unnecessary for you, but your 2am face will surely thank you for applying a makeup primer that’ll ensure that your foundation lasts throughout the night of partying. As much as possible, opt for a primer designed for use under heavy studio lights, so you’ll know that your beauty look will look perfect underneath your friend’s makeshift disco ball.

2. Use a Transfer-Resistant, Longwearing Foundation

A longwearing foundation with a matte finish and good coverage is every girl’s part essential. Also, opt for a foundation that won’t transfer on clothes, since you surely wouldn’t want to ruin your or your date’s get-up as you dance and party the night away.

3. Say No to Smoky Eyes

Adding sparkles and blending smoky eyeshadow on your lids may seem like a good idea around 7pm, but that wouldn’t be the case if you’ll be partying ‘til dawn. Instead of wearing dark eye makeup, apply a waterproof and longwearing liquid liner on your eyelids. Use this as an opportunity to show off your perfect cat eye instead of your perfect panda eyes.

4. Stick With Transfer-Proof Lip Products

Reapplying your lipstick can be a huge hassle, especially if you won’t have an access to a mirror and a good lighting. So before leaving your house, ensure that you swipe on a lippie that you trust will stay on your lips through any drink or meal.

5. Never Skip Your Setting Spray

If you’re to follow three tips from this list, ensure that spritzing a setting spray is included. Setting your makeup with a generous spritz of setting spray is the key to achieving a makeup look that won’t budge or appear cakey.

The heat and sweat in a party is often causes your makeup to melt down. So keep that from happening by following the aforementioned tips, and you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the night without worrying about how your makeup looks.

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