How to Increase Your Work Productivity Any Day of the Week

A 5-day workweek is bound to get employees restless by Friday. In 2012, The Comprehensive Labor Force Survey found out that Singapore had a standard 44-hour working week, with the maximum being 48 hours. These long work hours are notorious for causing us fatigue and stress, and sometimes it also decreases our productivity levels.

Not that we do not get work done, though. While we all have our productive days at the office, the breather we get over weekends cannot really do as much. If anything, it makes our Monday mornings more difficult as we prepare ourselves for work both physically and mentally.

In order to address this, we must learn how to improve our productivity regardless of what day is it in the week. The key here is to have a mindset which disregards slacking off on Fridays (TGIF, anyone?) or get too distracted by your hatred over Mondays instead of using the time to start working on your summary report.

Productivity Patterns
Understanding productivity patterns during your entire work week enables you to plan your work more accordingly. Each of us has different work routines, and if you begin to be aware more of yours you are likely to get more work done at specific times conducive for your personal work efficiency.

The thing is, Fridays aren’t meant for slacking off in the office. Regardless of how tempting it is, take it as another workday for you to give it your all. It isn’t too long until the weekend, anyway. Wednesday is also regarded as the best day for work productivity — but that doesn’t mean you should save all your projects and get started only on Wednesdays.

So how can you improve your work productivity?
• Begin on challenging tasks before lunch
Sometimes, we are far too inclined to put off our most challenging tasks only to forget doing them in the end and disregard their urgency. Remember that putting it off any longer will only make the task more difficult to do. It is encouraged you begin working on them before lunch because this is the ideal time you’re not fatigued from all the activities of the day.

• Prioritize your urgent tasks
If your boss asks you to do an urgent task, prioritize doing it as soon as possible. Even if it falls on a Friday, you can still get work done even if it is not the best day for starting on new projects. Important projects must be done earlier in the week, when you are still on your best mental capacity without pent-up workweek fatigue. Save your general administrative to-dos and other quick tasks at the end of the week.

• Work on a project strategically
With that in mind, working on a new project on a Friday is unlikely to yield the most productive results. Take into account the mental bandwidth starting something new requires. You and your colleagues are likely to be drained before the weekend. It is still best to work on it at the beginning of the week, where everyone in the team is expected to collaborate better.

Work Tips

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