How to Become More Assertive

No matter what type of work you do in Singapore, being assertive can be an essential advantage. Even then, some people are more natural at being assertive than others. But that certainly doesn’t mean you cannot learn. Here are some things to remember to help you become a more assertive person.

Be confident about what you can bring to the table

Basically, you have to know your own value first. It will be easier for you to be more assertive if you already have a better understanding of yourself in the first place. Knowing your value and what you can provide for the group can be a good foundation for confidence and assertiveness. Of course, you have to remember that even if you are confident about your abilities, it doesn’t mean that your ideas, desires, and opinions are above others’.

Hear out others’ feedback

Being open to others’ opinions and feedback is also a big part of being assertive. How? By asking for others’ opinions while voicing your own, it allows everyone to collaborate without anyone feeling left out. You show others that you are there as a team player and not are not planning to take credit for ideas that are not yours. If you are able to build this relationship with your peers, then it becomes easier for you to be more assertive with them.


For one, volunteering gives you the chance to display your skills while also allowing you to learn more things in the process. If you think about it, volunteering is the easiest way you can show assertive behavior. In addition to that, it’s also probably the safest when it comes to interpersonal relationships. You can minimize conflicts because you’re the one actually deciding to do the job yourself. 

Pay attention to your verbal and body language

It should already obvious why these two are important when it comes to communication. But sometimes we don’t notice that we’re using our hands too much or that our natural tone may sound rude to others. Even when you say or do something normal, there will be a chance that people will notice mishaps and take things the wrong direction. That ‘s why it is important to pay more attention to your words, the volume of your voice, and your gestures as well.

Know how to manage conflict

Conflicts and problems will always arise in the workplace. These situations are usually where one’s assertiveness will be tested. When you’re in the middle of an argument, it will be very tempting to yell at the other person and just let it all out. Although you somehow show a confident personality when doing this, it’s not the kind of assertiveness we’re aiming for. It would we better to keep your judgments to yourself and avoid putting the blame on anyone (unless necessary).


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