Home Improvement Jobs That You Can Do on Your Own


It’s always tempting to call for the services of a professional whenever something needs fixing, replacing or fitting in your home. Yet, most of these jobs are actually easy and can be done even on your own. So to help you save extra money on your home repairs, we listed down some of the common repair tasks at home that you may very well do on your own.

  1. Laying Your Wooden Flooring

Although it may be difficult to make it appear like it was done by a professional, quality flooring work is achievable if you just avoid cutting corners on the materials and installation cost. Also, ensure that you have all the right tools necessary for the job, such as a handsaw, a jigsaw, a hacksaw and a laminate kit, before getting on with it. How you prepared the subfloor could also affect the result of your DIY work, so ensure that you prepare it well.

  1. Replacing Door Locks

While replacing a door lock is one of the most complicated home repair jobs, there’s still no reason that you can’t do the replacing on your own. The first thing you need to do is identify the type of lock you’re using and ensure that you purchase the right replacement. For this task, you’ll need tools like a flat head screwdriver to unscrew the look, and if you have a wooden door, a sandpaper and chisel to smoothen the wood. Do know though that how you’ll replace a lock depends on what type of lock it is.

  1. Unclogging Sinks

This may seem like a stressful home repair task, but there are actually several tricks that you could use to solve the problem. But if you already tried doing some of the common fixes like putting a cleaning product in the plughole and using a plunger, and have been unsuccessful, then it’s time you start unscrewing the U-bend pipe to remove the blockages. After unscrewing the U-bend, clean it using hot water, a wire coat hanger and a brush. Once you’re done removing the debris, screw back the U-bend and run some water to see if it’s already draining away accurately.

  1. Bleeding the Radiator

If your radiator isn’t functioning well, then you might need to bleed it to improve its efficiency. All you’ve got to do is take a bleeding key and find the radiator’s bleed valve. Simply turn the key counter-clockwise until you hear the air escaping from the radiator. When the water starts coming out, turn the bleed key clockwise to shut the valve.

Knowing what home improvement jobs you can do yourself is one way of cutting down your home repair costs. So consider doing the aforementioned repair jobs on your own to save some money and learn some new handy skills.

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