Guide to Buying the Right Brassiere

Aside from making you look fantastic, wearing the right bra is also capable of making you feel good about yourself. But finding the right bra for you can be surprisingly difficult. So if you’re tired of getting home and finding out that the bra you recently bought isn’t that good after all, go through these undergarment shopping tips to help you choose just the perfect bra for you.


1.       Get it fitted properly. Some estimates state that the number of women who are wearing wrong-sized bras are as high as 80 percent. The main reason for this huge number is that most women don’t get their bras fitted properly.

So when you go bra shopping, choose to visit a quality undergarment store in Singapore that have a staff who can properly measure and get your size. Also, remember that the shape and size of your body changes over time, so never assume that your bra size hasn’t changed at all.

2.       Know your body type. Keep in mind that your overall body shape determines the type of bra that will suit your best. So before you go picking and buying a set of brassieres, do check your bust size first with an expert in your undergarment store in Singapore.

3.       Ensure that it fits firmly. Another important tip is to remember that your bra should fit snugly. To serve as your guide, a well-fitted bra should be tight enough that only two fingers will be able to fit under the band.


4.       Check the position of your breasts. A bra should not only serve as a support, but should also be able to hold your breasts in the right position. You’ll know if the bra you chose is right for you if the middle of your bust is positioned between your shoulders and elbows.

5.       Go for fewer, but more expensive bras. Don’t be tempted to fill your closet with cheap bras. Instead, go for well-fitted, more expensive bras to give you the kind of breast support that you need.

6.       Provides room for stretching. Brassieres are commonly made of flexible materials, which stretches over time. In choosing a bra, go for the one that perfectly fits you even on its widest fastening, and still be able to tighten as the material stretches.

7.       Fit it and move around. When fitting a bra, don’t forget to move around the place to see how well it really fits you. Raise your arms, twist on your sides and bend over your waist to test the bra’s fit. Well-fitted bras should not rise up, cut in and fall out of place.

8.       Properly care for you bras. If you spent some bucks to get a good pair, then you’d definitely want it to last. Properly care for your bras by reading the label for the washing instructions. If you’re going to machine wash it, don’t forget to place it in a net laundry bag and have it air dried.

Buying the right bra is important not just to boost your self-esteem, but to also give the right support for you breast. So next time you go shopping for new bras, make the most out of it by following the aforementioned tips.


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