Good Foot Reflexology Defined

Reflexology is the name of alternate therapy where pressure is applied to points in hands and legs to bring relief in the symptoms of pain in different body parts of the patient. Foot reflexology focuses only on the points in the foot of a person. Foot reflexology forms an integral part of alternate medicine therapies and involves applying pressure and manipulation of nerve endings in such a manner so as to bring relaxation and comfort in pain in other body parts and organs that are believed to be corresponding to these pressure points in the feet of the person. Singapore having a mixed population with lots of people of Chinese ancestry has traditionally made use of good foot reflexology Singapore to bring relief in symptoms of some ailments not cured by modern medical science. This has proven to be effective in getting rid of muscle aches and pains especially when many people who have tried it attested to the usefulness of foot reflexology over feet massage.

Foot reflexology should not be confused with massage therapies
If one looks at the origins of this art of foot reflexology, he finds that there are evidences of this alternate medicine therapy system existing in ancient cultures of China, Japan, and Egypt. Foot reflexology being similar to acupressure in Chinese system of medicine is confused by many to be same. However, despite there being talk of life forces and total energy, there is nothing to suggest that foot reflexology is same as acupressure. Further, the fact that foot reflexology is found being practiced in many cultures since centuries suggests that this technique of treatment of body pains and ailments was fairly common and was believed to promote general health and well being.

There is this tendency of many people in the western world to believe foot reflexology to be a type of massage therapy but the fact is that no oil or lotion is ever used in foot reflexology as it is done in massage therapies. Also, the focus in foot reflexology is on applying pressure and manipulation of points in feet corresponding to other body parts and not on the comfort that is associated with massage therapies.

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