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4 Ways to Incorporate Green Tea in Your Beauty Routine
Green tea has long been known as a fierce free-radical fighter. Not only does it fight off aging, consuming the antioxidants in the beverage also helps in alleviating stress and certain illnesses. But more than that, your favourite drink can also work wonders in soothing you and your body minus the spa-like price. So add this beauty booster into your routine now before you start taking some dainty sips.


  1. Bath Soak. They may not look like it, but your green tea bags can actually be used as bath soaks. Just toss in five tea bags in your bathtub as you fill it with warm water. The minerals and vitamins released into the water is what moisturizes and nourishes the skin, fights skin aging and increases elasticity. Other than that, a tea bath is also great in soothing razor burns, sunburns, cuts and nicks.
  1. Eye Compress. Pamper your tired peepers by rejuvenating them with moistened or used tea bags. The tannin found in tea is what aids in reducing discoloration and swelling. Experiencing a rather sweltering day? Then chill your tea bags in the fridge for a couple of minutes before giving your eyes an extra cool treat.


  1. Astringent. Run out of astringent? Then steep three green tea bags in two cups of water to get an alcohol-free astringent alternative. This tea astringent will aid in tightening your pores and nourishing your skin without the harsh effects that most store-brought astringents have. Just ensure that you label your astringent bottle and place it in the bathroom, not in the kitchen.
  1. Facial. Getting spa facials can be very relaxing for your skin, but not for your wallet. So make your skin, and your wallet a favour by doing an at-home green tea steam facial instead. Just boil four cups of water then steep three green tea bags for five minutes. Let it cool down a bit, then pour it into a large bowl and you can already start enjoying your green tea steam. If you want, you can also add in a few drops of essential oil to get the spa factor that you want. Once you’re done, rinse your face with a cool water and follow it up with your green tea astringent to get a healthy glowing skin.

With these beauty uses, your good old green tea will no longer just be your staple morning drink. You can now use it as a good alternative for some of your beauty products, and save some bucks in return.


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