First Date Signs That You’re Dating Mr. Wrong


Although going on a first date can be nerve-wracking, it can also be exciting if you’re going out with someone you’re totally into (and who’s also into you). Even if you feel the same way, however, it doesn’t mean that he’s already the right guy for you. On your date, listen, observe and see whether or not he’s worth the trouble of going on a second date. If he does any of the following things, understand that he’s not worthy to have another date with you and more importantly, he’s not worthy of your heart.


  1. He constantly talks about himself

During your first date, you should be able to talk about yourself as much as he talks about himself. This way, you get to know each other more. But if the only thing that comes out of his mouth is about how good he is at almost everything, then you’re surely dealing with a man-child or a braggart. In the event this happens, be sure to excuse yourself to avoid losing all your patience and slapping him with the reality.

  1. He doesn’t make any effort to read your body language

Deciphering a woman’s body language is an art that most men can’t seem to nail over the years. Nonetheless, the guy you’ll be dating doesn’t need to be an expert to see and realize that what he’s doing is making you feel uncomfortable. It’s not rocket science, so he should be able to get the hints. But if he doesn’t, let him know so he’ll understand the message you’re sending through body language.

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  1. He starts getting too touchy

It’s okay if he’s just touching you playfully to get some sort of reaction, but if he’s giving you one of those creepy touches, then it’d be best to call his attention. Tell him how his excessive touches are making you feel, and if he still doesn’t get what you’re trying to day, then he’s just not the right for you. Yes, it’ll be disappointing but you’re better off with someone who respects the boundaries that you’ve set.

  1. He becomes unreasonably clingy

Knowing that someone you like is as into you as you are with them can be really flattering. But if he starts isolating you from your friends after your first date, be alarmed. It’s a clear sign that you won’t have a healthy relationship with him. So end the whole thing as early as possible before the situation completely goes out of your control.

First dates are essential when looking for a partner as it allows you to know more about the person. So if he’s making any of these things on your date, understand that he might just not be right guy for you. Be honest with him and call the whole thing off as early as possible. Remember that you should never settle for a guy just because he’s too hot to miss.


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