Effective Tips on How You Can Take Notes Better

When it comes to keeping important details, especially ones that won’t be repeated again, you won’t always be able to remember everything you hear. This is what makes note-taking so useful since it allows you to remember more information more accurately.

And the art of note-taking isn’t just great for schoolwork – not only does it save you more time, but it also makes many things on your to-do list easier to remember and even organize if need be. To get started, here’s how you can start taking down better notes:

Use note cards instead of notebooks

Having a notebook comes in handy whether you’re at school or at work, but sometimes they’re just not enough as a way to write down important details – you also need to be able to access your notes on the go.

This is where index cards can come in real handy. You can make the most out of each card by paraphrasing information. Write the keywords down on one side of the index card, then write down the context of the keywords and their related meanings on the other side.

Know your best learning style

Different people learn things differently. Relying on reading alone is great if you’re a visual learner, but if you’re an auditory learner, for example, you might be better listening to your notes by recording them on your phone.

The best way to find out your best method of learning is to try different methods and see which one you like and which one you don’t. You should also shouldn’t relay on your notes alone, but rather use them as a way to supplement your memory.

Find the right pen that works for you

There’s a good chance that you’ve noticed some people, whether you know them or not, who only use a specific type of pen or writing implement because of either their writing style or their preference on how their handwriting looks. For instance, some people would prefer pencils over ballpoint pens, since they’re not likely to run out of ink when you need them the most, and that they’re easy to sharpen.

The best way for you to make sure you always have a way to write things down isn’t just to keep more than one pen or pencil around you, but to find make sure you have a replacement ready.

Highlight in fours and no more

Keeping the highlights to a minimum is not only a great way to make sure you retain and prioritize the most important information as much as possible. When there are four or more important words, paraphrasing helps to keep that number low and make things easier to remember.

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