Easy Ways to Motivate You to Exercises on Your 50s

As a former couch potato, I understand the sentiments of women in their 50s who no longer enjoy exercising or no longer have the time to work out. But I’m no longer a couch potato, and I love nothing more than starting my day either with a walk or a brisk run. Not only do I enjoy exercising, but I’m also starting to get better sleep and lesser night sweats. With that in mind, I listed down some tips that were instrumental in changing my outlook in exercising.

1. Purchase a Good Exercise Attire
Most women often decide to not purchase a comfortable workout attire since they feel that it’ll just be a waste of money. They think that it’s best to first wait and see how successful their new routine will be – but it’s actually counter intuitive. Purchasing a good workout attire early on allows you to make a statement to yourself, and everyone around you that you’re serious about making a change in your life. Owning the correct attire will give you more freedom to just walk in the park, and have lesser chances of falling if the right footwear is worn.

2. Wear the Clothes You Purchased
Now that you’ve bought the right attire, make sure that you wear them. Once you’re dressed for the day, you’ll be less likely to change clothes just to go for a walk. There’s an enormous selection for stylish workout gear. No more lycra tops and baggy tracksuit pants – stylish, simple exercise gear that looks great with your morning coffee meet-up.

3. Always Keep Your Walking Shoes at the Front Door
Don’t keep your walking shoes tucked away in your cupboard. Instead, prepare an area at the front or back of your home to store your new shoes. This way you’ll always see your shoes, and you’ll be reminded of what you need to do.

4. Get a Workout Buddy
Team up with your friends, and schedule a time and date for your walks. Just make sure that you set an activity limit that’s suitable for all and stick with it. Having someone accountable to exercise with can be great help to motivate you and monitor your workout progress.

5. Stay Hydrated
Tiredness is often caused by dehydration, and don’t confuse it as having no energy to exercise. Whenever you feel that you should be going out for a walk but is feeling too tired to do so, go and drink a big glass of water to see if it puts the pep in the step you need.

Whatever workout routine you do, push yourself a bit further to get moving. If you’re just exercising 10 minutes a day, see if you can do another 10 minutes a week. Just work with your body, and your body will certainly work for you.

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