Different Types of Health Screening Packages

Do you know what health screening is? Do you know why you need it? Do you know there are different kinds of if? Well, there are many different types of health screening and you should provide yourself with it. The only thing is that, before you get on with such, you should know what the real meaning of this thing is. This is for the reason that you would have the idea of its benefits and advantages for you.

Corporate Health Screening Packages for Employees
Health screening packages refers to an exam or tests done in order to find a certain condition right before the symptoms start. These tests could help you find diseases or conditions at a very early stage, when they can be treated easily. On the other hand, there is a kind of corporate health screening in Singapore, which are especially designed for company employees. One of the usually performed health tests are those that check for the signs of cancer, high cholesterol and even with high blood pressure. These health screening tests could be useful in terms of knowing whether a person has diabetes.

Health Screening for Detecting Cancer
Depending upon the age and the other factors, women could see their health care provider in Singapore to take tests detecting cancers that are mostly common for females. For instance, most women should avail of health screening packages and have their yearly pap smears in order to detect abnormal cells within their cervix, which happens to be the neck of the uterus. The abnormal cells on the cervix could be an early sign of cervical cancer progression. Women could also undergo mammogram examinations that look up for breast changes that may even indicate breast cancer.

Moreover, men could even see their doctors for examinations on their prostate. Usually, prostate exams are recommended in Singapore as the yearly executive health screening for men who are then over 50 years old. With this exam, a doctor would feel lumps upon the prostate gland that may indicate cancer development. People of similar genders should see their doctors for blood pressure examinations. With the different types of health screening packages, health professionals use devices known as blood pressure cuff in order to determine whether the patient has the higher blood pressure reading.

Since anyone in Singapore could have his or her occasional high blood pressure reading, blood pressure that remains higher would be usually the result of a certain condition known as the hypertension or high blood pressure. The blood in his body would move forcefully against the artery walls. Whenever it has been left untreated, the high blood pressure would then increases up to the risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

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