Common Hair Conditioner Myths Debunked

It might be a standard part of our haircare routine, but there’s more than one misconception surrounding hair conditioners. So forget everything you know about this shower staple. We consulted several hair experts to get a good lowdown on how conditioners alleviate the stress on your strands and leave you with the most luscious locks there is.

Myth 1: Only apply your conditioner at the tips of your hair.
Your hair is exposed to damage from roots to tip. So you’d definitely want to use conditioner on the whole length of your strands and not just on the ends. Just think of the sun’s heat beating down on your roots, or the ponytail holder that you always twist onto the ends. This is why you need a strengthening conditioner if you want to achieve a fuller hair with less flyaway and breakage.

Myth 2: Using conditioner will only make your hair fall out.
It’s only natural to lose about 100 strands of hair every day – but using a good conditioner will certainly help put a stop to the additional hair loss brought by styling and drying stress. Your conditioner will help in detangling your hair, releasing those already shed strands. Clinical studies also revealed that the conditioning ingredients of the product won’t interfere with your hair growth cycle. It’s just between you and your genes.

Myth 3: Your conditioner will only make your hair greasy.
The natural oils produced by your scalp tend to build up in just a few days, and applying the wrong conditioner on it will definitely make your strands appear instantly greasy. To keep that from happening, opt for a conditioner that suits your hair type – lightweight conditioner for fine or thin hair, and rich conditioners for those with damaged or curly hair. Another secret to oil-free conditioning is how you apply your conditioner. Instead of simply dumping your conditioner on top of your head, apply it on the tips and work your way up to the roots. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful and strong it’ll make your hair.

Myth 4: Using shampoo and conditioner from the same brand doesn’t have any added benefits.
This was news even to us, but it turns out that matching your conditioner and shampoos actually provide better results. Your shampoo isn’t only cleansing your strands, it’s also designed to prepare your hair for the conditioner so it’ll work more effectively. This is also true when you use products that have a specific styling goal in mind, like smoother strands or more volume.

Choosing and using the right conditioner is the key to achieving the luscious locks that you’ve always wanted. Now that we’ve busted some of the myths surrounding your staple shower item, ensure that you’ll get the right conditioner for your haircare needs so you could maximize the benefits that it’s offering for your tresses.

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