Effective Tips on How You Can Take Notes Better

When it comes to keeping important details, especially ones that won’t be repeated again, you won’t always be able to remember everything you hear. This is what makes note-taking so useful since it allows you to remember more information more accurately. And the art of note-taking isn’t just great for schoolwork – not only does […]

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How to Become More Assertive

No matter what type of work you do in Singapore, being assertive can be an essential advantage. Even then, some people are more natural at being assertive than others. But that certainly doesn’t mean you cannot learn. Here are some things to remember to help you become a more assertive person. Be confident about what […]


How to Overcome the Anxiety of Exercising

For most people, there’s usually a time when they want to start exercising to better themselves. But making that transition from a sedentary lifestyle isn’t really easy for all. One of the first things you’ll worry about is exercise anxiety. You hesitate to start your fitness journey because you’re afraid of being judged. Fortunately, there […]

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Tips to Invest In Yourself for a Better You

  Life is a journey, and becoming a better version of yourself should be your goal. Take a moment to pause and reflect on how you live in the present and how you want to see yourself in the future. Create a personal investment plan that entails setting a mindset and taking action to pursue […]


Making Life a Little More Bearable

Life can be stressful. There’s no denying that. We cannot go through life without experiencing moments of hardship or suffering. In fact, even Buddhist monks believe this to be true. Alas, how unfortunate human experience can sometimes be. But, that’s not a reason for us to simply give up everything and just be defeated. Stress […]