Best Mobile Apps for Your Cheap Travels


If you won a lottery tomorrow, travelling the world would definitely be on the top of your to-do list. Unfortunately, lack of money often gets in the way of your dream to explore the world. But even if travelling is expensive, there are still some mobile applications that can help you stretch your travel funds. From finding the best flight deals to knowing how to live like a local, here are five of the best mobile apps that you can use to score a cheap travel.

  1. DealRay

DealRay offers it users the best flight deals across the globe through scouring the web. If you’re a member of this app, you can simply set up alerts so you’ll be notified when there’s a bargain flight happening on your hometown airport. So if you’re flexible about when and where you’ll travel – as long as you’re travelling cheap – then this app is for you.

  1. Hopper

Hopper is an airfare price alert mobile app that uses pricing trend data to predict when airfares will fall and rise. The app lays out all the prices in a colour-coded, easy-to-follow calendar. If you have a flexible schedule and want to take advantage of a cheaper itinerary, then check out the calendar boxes that are shaded green. Aside from informing you when the best time to book a flight is, Hopper also lets you know which flights are most inconvenient (airport changes, long layovers, etc.).

  1. Airbnb

Touted as a user-friendly app, Airbnb simplified the booking process of staying in homes and apartments at any given budget. Living like a local is now made easier with the help of this app, so be sure to take advantage of the neighbourhood guides that app also offers to fully enjoy stay.

  1. CityMapper

Comprehensive, playful and easy-to-use, CityMapper provides a more detailed route options than Google Maps, including disruption alerts, real-time departures, and Uber cycle routes. The app is available in 30 cities worldwide, with all the city-break destinations covered. CityMapper even tells you how long your journey will take by jetpack – a useless information, but definitely something that’ll cheer you up whenever your train is delayed.

  1. Splitwise

Travelling with your friends? Then plan your trip using Splitwise. The app allows you to invite your friends and add the bills that should be split among all of you. You can even export the date as a spreadsheet, add photos of the receipts, and change currencies within the app. With this, you will no longer forget who owes you some bucks.

Travelling to your dream destination doesn’t have to cost you that much. With the right app, you can save hundreds of bucks on your trip and focus on what’s really important: enjoying your dream destination.

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