Avoid First Date Awkwardness  


The dating scene is undeniably a complicated field because there are no definite rules or surefire ways on how to make a meeting spark and lead to a lasting relationship. Even the first time you lay your eyes on your potential partner present accompanied risks—the chance of second date practically hinges on it.


Typically, first encounters are a little awkward, especially if you are hanging out with someone you barely know or don’t even know at all. This can mean something might go weird and wrong, but either way, if you know how to manage whatever awkwardness that will happen along the way, you can just laugh it off with your date and who knows, it might be the start of something amazing. So whether you want to seal the deal or just want to make a good impression on your first meet-up, here are the tips how you can shake off awkwardness on first dates:

  1. Plan Before the Date

There is nothing more awkward than passing the ball to your date about where you should go after meeting up. You don’t want to spend 15 minutes with “No, you decide where” conversations, which usually ends up with “we can walk around and see if there’s a nice place.” Although you feel there should be lots of riding to do on a first date (because you just met the person), it does not really matter who calls the shots because, in the first place, somebody’s got to do it.

Before the meet-up, try to research about well recommended restaurants by friends or bloggers, most talked about movies in theatres or the newest amenities in town! If possible, you and your date can plan ahead before meeting up so you can decide what to do and where to go next.

  1. Loosen Up and Be Interested

The main objective of going out on a date is to learn about the other person and get a good sense of him or her. It’s about opening up and sharing your interests and other personal information while simultaneously also being interested about the same about your date. In doing so, be cool with your approach try not to sound like you’re just doing a survey.


Ask questions and when you get an answer, try to compliment or share an idea. In that way, you might find a common ground, just allow both of your thoughts come out and flow naturally. You can also try asking them with out of the box or witty questions to break the ice. Don’t be afraid to be quite unconventional, loosen up!

  1. Own the Silence

At some point, there will be silence in the midst of conversations. Don’t be hasty or impulsive in filling those awkward silences with dumb things. It will make the situation more awkward. What you can do is to remain calm and confident so you can pass on that vibe to your date. Just be in the moment and that’s when you can start asking questions again and listen.

  1. Inject Some Humor

One of the effective ways to kill awkwardness, if done properly, is to crack some jokes. Just be careful that you are not offensive or you don’t use the other person as subject of your joke. For example, if you came late and are sweaty as it can be, embrace it by acknowledging immediately, making fun of yourself and carrying on with the conversation. As much as possible, you just have to keep things light on first dates so you will both look forward to see each other again.

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