Are There Other Gifts Than Diamond Rings?  


It is often regarded that diamonds are girl’s best friend. Whether you hold it as true or not, the fact remains that diamonds are expensive and it can cost a fortune. Diamonds are usually seen as a symbol of love, commitment and fortune like in the case of diamond rings.


It is now again the season of proposals. You see friends flashing their sparkly diamond rings and happy faces in Facebook or Instagram. That is indeed something to be envious about but you have to think that your time will come. There is a study conducted here in Singapore about the trends of bridal jewellery. According to the study, there is an increased number of couples buying “premium diamonds”. The study also revealed that a simple diamond Destinee ring here can cost S$8,000.

There are practical couples who wouldn’t want a diamond ring proposal because it really costs money. There’s still the wedding and for the ring alone it costs about S$8,000. What will be left after the wedding? The question here is do you really need a diamond ring to get married? The wedding industry commercializes weddings. Instead of a solemn vow, the industry is making it a public spectacle.


The industry also emphasizes that diamonds are good investments since “diamonds are forever”. If you fall to this kind of advertising, you will surely look for bigger stones. You have to know that diamonds are not liquid. This means that if you think of reselling it, you will have difficulties plus the value will depreciate after ten to forty years later. Silver and gold are usually easier to resell plus their value rise overtime. So, if diamond is too much, there are still silver and gold that you can consider.

It was mentioned earlier that the average cost of a simple diamond ring here in Singapore is S$8,000. If your lady is satisfied with a $500 ring, you have to consider it and invest the remaining $7,500 to Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). There is an annual return of about six percent if you consider ETF. The annual return can be your gift to your soon-to-be-wife. This seems a rewarding gift.

Regardless of the ring, you have to regard the promise and the vow seriously. The ring doesn’t define the marriage or the relationship. So, if you cannot afford or if you choose to spend the money to other investments, for sure your partner will understand. For couples out there who are working things out, good luck!


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