Aging Comfortably: How to Protect Our Retirement Savings  


Working is tedious but come retirement, you can rest all you want. Many Singaporeans look forward to retirement because of many benefits but if you are not prepared, you will not live comfortably. As much as possible, you want to live harmoniously but retirement entails many issues that should be considered even twenty years before it actually happens.


Retirement is not spur-of-the-moment thing. At this age, you already know that retirement planning is not as simple as saving money in the bank. This strategy will not work for you come retirement. Here in Singapore, studies show that you will live an average of seventeen more years after retirement. The study also revealed that your savings will run out after nine years. How about the remaining eight years? How are you supposed to survive?

This is the big question. Fortunately, you can do something about this. Planning for retirement can never be too early. You have to start planning your retirement so you will not have problems in the long run. You can start by protecting your retirement savings. Here are some ways to protect your retirement savings:


Your retirement days should not be compromised by your poor financial choices and decisions.

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Retirement Plans

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