A Ghost Encounter: Two Things to Do

You should be afraid when you see a ghost. It’s only normal, right? It is okay to shout louder, to cry for help, to pray a thousand times and to run like you are Usain Bolt (the fastest man on earth). There are so many places wherein you can see ghosts. One is in the cemetery.


Typically, the ghosts you see here are apparitions that are lost and cannot find their exact. Sometimes, they are being idle and stay at the place where they die. For instance, they die in a car crash. They will sometimes frighten people by appearing in an area wherein it is very uncommon and cannot be reached by an ordinary individual.


Moreover, they have been at churches. It might be strange but as what the record states, many souls are dwelling in churches particularly in altars. Most ghosts are also seen in abandoned houses, hospitals and funeral parlor. If you see them, take a photo – you should not get afraid when there’s a ghost. Keep calm and grab any camera that you have.

But do not ever use the camera flash because the apparition might see you and will hurt you. Keep your stance and take a shot. Take a video – if you have enough storage of taking videos, you can do it. Actually, taking videos might attract the ghost because when you capture a video, the red light will turn on. You will be easily get caught by the ghost.


Ghost Encounters

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